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Friday, September 28, 2012

Keeping Busy, Helps Keep the Mind from Wondering

Yesterday was such a busy day! I picked the two little ones up early from Preschool because Marissa had an appointment with the Cardiologist. We were told that she has a murmur, which she will probably have the rest of her life. The good news is though, the kind she has will not cause any problems. Before we headed off to the Doppler room, the doctor told us, "if the hole in the heart closed - you won't have to come back". Yet, the ultrasound should that it was still there. It did get smaller, compared to last year, but since it's still there she needs to go back in 2 years.

Our next line of business was to head home and start working on the fish tank. Tommy and Marissa found the algae wafers for the algae eater and decided to feed it. The only problem is - they put the whole bag in. It was a crazy mess. The water turned murky almost immediately. With several trips back and forth to the fish store, a 75% water change, and cleaning EVERYTHING in the tank - it started to clear up. Unfortunately, this morning the algae grew back and is steadily trying to take over the tank again. The numbers are way off when I tested it, but I'm going to stay positive and hope that after everything settles our tank will go back to being beautiful again. This is one of my hobbies I started after I left Brent. It's peaceful to watch and has proved to be beneficial to calm stress and lower blood pressure.

Tonight is a big high school football game in Louisville, the Trinity-St. Xavier game. According to USA Today, the game is arguably the biggest rivalry in high school sports as 35,000 fans are expected travel Friday night to the University of Louisville’s Papa Johns Stadium. Trinity has won 30 in a row and the past four matchups, but St. Xavier holds the series edge, 36-34-2. Both of these school are great!!! But, with having more ties to Trinity, that's who I root for. And don't even get me started on the tailgating for this game! It's so much fun!!! At the children's school today, it was "Spirit Wear" - they got to wear shirts representing their team. Since my father, brother, nephew, and many other friends and family went to Trinity, we have a lot of attire. But, it's always fun to head to the campus store before a big game. Therefore, that was another stop on our "to-do" list yesterday.

After helping the kids with homework, baths, and getting them to bed, I left to go hang with a good friend who was sitting in the ER. Despite where we were, we made the best of it and had a good time. Then, to top off the night, there was a Jersey Shore marathon on. (LOL!) I love that show. They crack me up at some of the stuff they say and do.

So, before signing off for the weekend, I want to once again say thank you for the continued support!! And please have a fun, safe, and relaxing weekend. God Bless and Much Love!!!

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