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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Time to Start Making Marks on My Check List

I can't wait to start blogging more often, but with a trial date right around the corner - it's just not in the cards at this time. However, I can catch you up on some tidbits of the happenings since my last post on March 10th.

Casie had her 5th Birthday Party at Kazoing, an inflatable indoor gym-like center, with her friends from school. It was a great turnout and a load of fun. Everyone really enjoyed themselves, especially my big girl! Her friends are so sweet and their families are awesome too!

March Madness came to an end with awesome accomplishments from the state of Kentucky. Not only did we have two teams make it to the Final Four (University of Kentucky and University of Louisville), but my boys in blue (Kentucky) brought home the Championship. I'm sure my oldest nephew partied it up in Lexington, maybe like I did at the '98 Championship with my friends Kristen and Terry. I saw some pictures and its safe to say, he was enjoying his self.

Rumor has it that Hank Williams, Jr. is coming to town for concert. Ok, not only did I grow up with his music and love it, there's also a special connection. At every wedding on my paternal side of the family, it's tradition for everyone to kareoke "Family Tradition" at the reception. Say what you want - red necks, whatever. But, it's a blast and every one looks forward to it. Even at my brother's wedding, my big ass was 6 months pregnant with Marissa, I was up singing the blues when the time came around. If you've ever been around my family, you would know that we are one crazy bunch of "Catholic" people. We drink, sing, dance, have a ton of offspring, have a great time, and most importantly share a very strong bond. Everyone is so different, yet so much alike. When my life hit this huge crater in my path, those are the ones I counted on.  They didn't care if I was right or wrong. Whether they agreed or disagreed. We laughed, we cried, and more importantly - we cussed all of those son of a bitches that pissed on our paths. (laughing)

My sweet little man's birthday is April 19th and we are planning his birthday celebration. It's so much fun having kids to be able to do these things.

Depression still comes and goes like a roller coaster. Some times being more difficult, but I feel like I've made it this far - it's time to kick this "condition" in the butt! 4-real. But, of course everyday seems to bring another drama with my children's father. He still has his visitation recinded and thank God for that. Yet, he still digs his claws in every chance he gets. I'm scheduled for a deposition before our trial. Brent was charged with a felony for the "stolen car" he took from the local dealership. He has some trials for that, or maybe he even already had them - don't know, don't care. But, I'm sure he will get out of it, just like he does with everything else. Apparently, him and his live in girl friend, or should we say "fellow junkie" filed a criminal complaint against some dude for "stealing". Again, don't know anything about, but all I can say is "can someone get me a dodged the bullit balloon". But, there's a funny twist to this. You see while Brent was filing against someone - someone had already filed against him. Like I said before, I'm limited on details due to court proceedings, but this nut sack was arrested on two charges. That trial is later this month.

As you can see, April/May is going to be my busiest time this year so far. I need a check list > Spring Break >Tommy's Birthday > Tommy's Birthday Party > Witness in upcoming trial > Paperwork due in for trial > Deposition > And finally, a divorce!!!!!!! Yay!!!! So long sucka!

Anyway, don't give up on me. I'm still here and can't wait to drop all the dirty deets and get back to daily blogging. So, bare with me! I was in a rush typing this, so forgive me for all the mistakes.