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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Pisser

I have two dogs. The first one I got at a local pet store when she was 6 weeks old. She's a german shephard/jack russel terrier, her name is Terrace. When we purchased her, the whole liter was there and we were told that the mother was the german shephard (Yeah! Try to figure that one out.) My step-daughter named her, because at the time we lived in an apartment complex that was named "The Terraces). It was easy to pick her out of the liter, because out of all them she was unique. Her fur was different and she latched right on to us immediately.

The second one, I rescued from the Humane Society when he was about 6 weeks old. All I know is that he's some type of golden retriever mix. I went into a Feeder Supply to get dog food for Terrace and laid eyes on the most adorable puppy ever! I couldn't resist him and he was such a loving dog, it was appropriate that the Humane Society named him "Snuggles".

I purchased both of these dogs before I was married, so they have really been through a lot with me. The new home, the marriage, the children, the happy times, the hard times, and then the leaving. These animals were part of the family. Terrace never really forgave me for bringing home Snuggs, so he was more like "Brent's" dog and Snuggs was more mine. However, when I made the grueling decision to get out of that house, I had to do what was best for my children. My Dad does not like animals and made it clear that my children and I were welcome, but the dogs weren't. It was so heart breaking saying my good-byes to these dogs. We were so attached to them, but had no other choice.

Let's see, I left in September, so the following summer down the road, Brent called me to tell me I had to come get the dogs. He was leaving for Michigan and I would find them in the backyard. Since he made these threats before, I figured it was a tactic to get me out there. So, I didn't go. However, I called the Metro Animal Services and told them what was said just in case. They told me that nothing could happen immediately, they would put a warning on the door and give him 24 hours to respond. If he doesn't respond by then, then they could take the next step. I was angry and even said "Lady, it's 105 dgrees outside. If he really goes to Michigan, these dogs will be dead within 24 hours." But, she explained that it was policy and there was nothing she could do.

So, off I went back to that freakin house to make sure my dogs were ok. On the ride there, I got a call from the neighbor who said that Terrace got out and was at their house. I explained the situation and they suggested that they keep her until Brent returns home and then would return her to him. I knew she was ok, but I was scared to death about Snuggs. He tends to scare people, so I knew if he got loose, no one would get him. My mom was driving and we pulled into the court. The first thing I did was ran around the back of the house and yelled his name. Out he came from behind the grill. He was so excited to see me and immediately ran out front and jumped in the car. We drove to the grocery store that was up the street and bought a bowl, water, and some food. To describe this poor thing, it will not do it justice to what it actually looked like. But, to give you an idea, you could literally count every bone in his body. He was malnutrioned and very scared. My mom and I were literally in tears at the sight.

We knew that he couldn't go back, so we took him to Feeders Supply and got him cleaned up and when we got back home, there my Dad stood. Even he was saddened by how this dog was treated and agreed to let us keep him. I called the neighbor back and asked how Terrace's health was. The lady was really sweet and said, "She's fine, other then her claws need serious trimming." At that point, I figured that was Brent's nasty ass ways to get back at me by trying to hurt my dog. Since Terrace was fine, and I didn't want to push my luck with my Dad, I had to come to terms that I wouldn't be able to keep her.

Snuggies improved. I took him to the vet, caught him up on all of his shots and he was on the road to recovery. It took awhile, but he was able to gain back the weight and is very healthy again. The only problem is - he's fine outside our house with strangers, but if some one comes any where near our home that he doesn't know - he's going to make himself known for sure!

So, it wasn't long after I got my puppy back, my mom got a call from Brent. He was claiming that Terrace was suffering from "seperation anxiety" and doesn't eat, sleep, or do anything and that he wanted the big dog back. There was no way in hell that THAT would happen.

A few days after that, Brent was off to a local hospital for one of his many frequent visits, that specialized in dealing with addiction and his bipolar. (On a side note, I later found out that his frequent visits was because he found a lady in there that eventually got into a relationship with.) Anyway, he gave my mom the keys to the house and asked her to take care of Terrace.

That day, she went there and literally walked back out. It was so nasty in there, that she literally got sick. The dog had been pooping and peeing all over that house for what seemed to be months. I had no other choice, then to go in there and dog-nap my dog back. Same routing, took her to Feeder Supply, cleaned her up, and brought her home. My Dad was very firm that she wasn't going to stay. He couldn't handle two, but she could stay until I found her a good home. I tried, I really did. But, after a few days he saw how much the children loved her and gave in once again. So, now I have both of my dogs.

Here's the problem, Terrace is starting to pee around THIS house. Between my mom and I, we are cleaning carpets every time we see it, making sure both dogs are out on frequent potty breaks throughout the day, and googled what to do to stop this. We've tried everything. Just when we thought she's good and won't do it again .... there it is. Same spot, everytime. The Vet seems to think it's just a territory thing, but really didn't offer anything new then what we already do. Obviously, we have to keep this away from my dad or Terrace is out. It's not every day that it happens, but maybe at least once a month. It's gross! But, I have to find a way to "re-train" her. She's now 9 years old (in human years, I don't know how to do that dog year shit). But, I'm considering to buy a crate and put her in it at night. That's when I think she does it. I just hate to do that because she hasn't been in one of those since she was a puppy. Both dogs are "fixed" and I know it's her, because it's a small area (Snuggs would be way bigger.) What should I do?!?! Please send me some suggestions to stop the "Pisser" from doing her thing! I can't get rid of her again. Not to mention, she finally forgave me about Snuggs and is so loving towards me again.

God Bless and Much Love!!!!

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