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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Can He Ruin Marissa's Birthday?!?!

Whoa! What a busy weekend!!! Friday was my baby's (Marissa) third birthday. My parents and I took cupcakes into the school to celebrate and that night some family came over to celebrate. She was so excited and had a great day.

Thank goodness though she's not old enough to realize what her ignorant father did. In one of his rages of blowing my phone up in the past, I told him that there is nothing that states he can't send the children anything. And that I highly recommended him to do so. Even told him, "Marissa's birthday is September 14th - send her a gift!" Obviously, he's not with his old girlfriend because she made sure that Casie and Tommy had a gift. Even if they sent Tommy's gift through some one else. My children thought it was from their dad and was happy with that. Marissa got nothing! Here's some of the text pages I received, not to forget about the 500 "blocked" calls and the fake caller id ones.

At 3:09pm
"Answer ur phone if you want the $9k for the kids. If you don't then so be it. I tried. A O Word Up."
[I didn't respond, but what I'm assuming this means is that if I answer his call, which I don't want to NOR am suppose to, he would give me $9k towards the children's tuition for this year. Yeah right! We went to trial, the judge will decide that, dip shit! Not you! And that A O Word Up .... he says I'm ghetto and that's what he would say. I don't get it, maybe it's supposed to hurt me. But, whatever. It doesn't. Just makes him still look like the douche bag that he continues to be.]

At 5:57pm
"On our daughter's birthday. UR sick. Remember it always comes back ur way in the end. So endith the lesson."
[This text is a clear sign that his brain is fried!! He's the one that chooses drugs, therefore it was the judge that ruled the children would be in danger around him. He had a chance in December 2011, from the judge, that if he wanted to see them, he would need to pass a drug test and stay compliant with his bipolar condition. He's the one that chose not to do so. Therefore, it is not my fault that he can't see them. And, it only makes it worse to let the children speak to him. Kind of like the "dangling the carrot in front of a rabbit" scenario. It's harder on the them to hear all his bull shit and when he doesn't follow through with anything, it starts the whole grieving process over. So, remember there big guy - it's not me that's sick!]

At 5:57pm
"Please have Marissa calls me so I can wish her happy bday. If not u get nothing. Thanks"
[I mean, come on. Seriously?!?! You're going there?!? Guess what?!? I don't get anything anyway. Especially since his dead beat ass hasn't paid child support since March. On the 25th of this month, that will be six months. Don't threaten me. I guess he hasn't noticed. Those empty threats don't affect me anymore. He better go on and use them on some one else that will listen.]

I didn't let that ruin our day. Marissa was showered with gifts and more importantly with love. And we didn't miss a beat.

Yesterday, was a blast too! My parents and some other family members took the kids to the country and I had a chance to have some "grown up" time. Being a single parent, you don't get an opportunity to take a bath in peace and quiet. Much less, take your time. It was everything I thought it would be. Then, I went to the mall - got a pedicure and some last minute items before I headed off to the game. My friends met up at my house and off we went to the University of Louisville game. It was a freakin' blast! The tailgating, the game, everything. It was so fun. I got home in time to go have dinner with my mom and babies. It was such a long day for all of us, we went straight home and crashed.

Today on looking back on the weekend, I can see how blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life. Even for the ones that have been for a short time, or the ones I've known 4-ever - each of them holds a special place in my heart. I credit all those people, and especially my mother, for pulling me from this whole traumatizing experience and making me a stronger person today.

With that being said, God Bless and Much Love to all!

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