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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Put the Money in my Account

You'll never guess who's been blowing my phone up today. Well, OK ... maybe you can. It's Brent. I have a good friend who calls from work as a "Blocked" call around the time the first one came through, so I answered. Here's how the conversation went:

Brent: Hey, how ya doing?

Me: You are not supposed to be calling me.

Brent: I just want to know how the kids are.

Me: Why are you calling?

Brent: How else am I supposed to know how you and the kids are doing?

Me: Um ... well, stop smoking crack and get clean. Then, you might actually be able to see for yourself.

Brent: I did quit. Can you please tell me how they are doing?

Me: They are fine. Casie is doing really good, but seems to be a talker. Tommy is doing great, but still needs work with his fine motor skills. And, Marissa is doing great too. Although, I got a note sent home that she cut another child's hair.

[He started laughing.]

OK, well, I gotta go.

Brent: Wait, I would like to give you the cash for the tuition this year .... as long as you drop the DVO charges.

Me: Put the money in my account and then we'll talk.

Brent: No, drop the charges first and then I'll hand you the cash.

Me: Yeah, seriously. It's not happening. The reason I have a DVO in the first place against you is because I'm terrified of you. I paid the tuition last year without your help, I will make it happen this year.

What? Has your attorney told you that we have so much evidence against you that the jury would be able to make a guilty verdict.

Brent: Um, no! We have evidence on you too.

Me: Evidence on me? Great! I don't have a DVO against me. It's against you, dip shit!

Brent: You're not a holy roller yourself.

Me: I never claimed to be, but you know what I CAN say is that I'm not a crackhead NOR have I ever been. With that being said, goodbye and don't call me again!

After disconnecting the call, he probably called back at least 50 more times but I didn't answer. I don't know what his deal is. He portrays me as this evil person trying to keep his children away from him. In reality, I have to - I don't have a choice. But, on the other hand I'm his biggest fan on him getting clean. So, he can say what he wants. Like the old saying goes, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." or however it goes. I learned that's how he is, who he is, and I have accepted that. It took me awhile to get to this stage, but it's so much easier to handle now.

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