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Saturday, September 8, 2012

An Email - Subject Eternity

This post is in reference to August 6th, 2012, titled "Weird Things".

Last night, at about 5:30, I finally received a response from Brent's church buddy. Let's just call him "Rob" for now.My question was "Why? Who is this?" Anyway, I'm going to paste the email, my response will be in (parenthesis) throughout his message. I'm not in the best of mood, so I guess I took the defense route.

Let's just say I am a friend of both of yours in Christ Our Lord and Savior. I wanted to reach out to both of you for the sake of your children. I am a Missionary in Christ in Tennessee and Kentucky. I met your husband last summer at a bible study retreat in Nashville. He begged me not to contact you but I got both of your e-mail addresses from the Peewee Valley Baptist Church Directory. I wanted to let you know I am available anytime for marital counseling but unfortunately I believe I reached out to you to late. Perhaps you may yet reconsider. (A friend of both of us? Whoa. I've never met you, buddy. And the sake of my children?!? You met my "husband" at a bible retreat? Don't you mean the "devil" himself. And he begged you not to contact me? That's a lie. I have never been a member of that church, nor has my name or email address EVER been listed in the directory. I was born and raised a Catholic, the only time I stepped foot in that place is because our "friend", the pastor was trying to help save our marriage. Yet, he quit because Brent couldn't tell the truth. Your credibility has just dropped to zero with this information. Marital Counseling? Buddy, there's no hope whatsoever for the relationship to EVER work. If your wife cheated on you more then once, would you take her back? Are you trying to say I should have stayed and took the abuse? Risk my children's life? I spoke to my Priest and he was able to give me the clarity I needed, therefore your services are not needed. Thanks for the offer though.)
From my understanding from the Pastor you are both very troubled in conflict. Brent has had nothing but praise for you as a mother in spite of everything being conveyed to me. (Excuse my language sir, but opinions are like ass holes and everyone has one! I could careless what Brent has "conveyed" to you.)
He is a wonderful individual in spite of all of his health and addiction problems. I have personally seen him conduct his weekly Sunday School classes at the Louisville Parish. The younger generation at our Parish are truly fond of him. He led the Missionary trip to South Dakota this summer and proved to be an excellent asset spreading the word of God on the Native Reservation while constructing a new school. (Let me guess, it was free for him?!? Of course people are fond of him - he needs to be in Hollywood, he would make a great actor!)
I am sorry I didn't answer you before today. I have been away from telecommunications equipment during my latest Missionary trip to Africa. (Yeah, right! Brent!)
Thank you for your time Mrs. Lyon. (Mrs. Lyon is his mother .... I no longer carry that "Mrs." title anymore. Thank you very much!)
Wisdom dwells deeply in Christ's heart for both of you. (No disrespect to any one's religion, but you better check yourself. Christ is watching and you shouldn't take his name in vein. For someone so holy, you seem to be a very judgemental person!)
Good luck and God Bless you ! (Sounds like you might need it more so then me. Just sayin'!)
I still believe this is Brent. However, I sent it on to my lawyer and never responded (other then this). I believe in Religion and have always been respectful towards other's beliefs and practices. But, this is a little too much! Besides the fact, that it's third party contact and another violation of the Domestic Violence Detective.

Anyway, on a positive note (speaking of religion), I took the first steps to start my annulment with the church. For those of you not familiar with it, here's what I found from Wikipedia: In the Roman Catholic Church an annulment is the procedure, governed by the Church's Canon Law and the Catechism, whereby an ecclesial tribunal determines the sacrament of marriage was invalidly entered into. An annulment determines the Catholic marriage to be void at its inception. A "Declaration of Nullity" is not a legal dissolution of an existing civil marriage, but rather a determination that the sacrament of marriage was not entered into validly.

In other words, in the future, if I decide to re-marry, I can do so in the church and it will be recognized as valid.

Tomorrow, I will respond to a comment I received from a post from "Pat in Sunny Florida".  I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend. Storms came through Louisville late last night, therefore Casie's soccer game was canceled due to the muddy field, so we've spent the day playing and being lazy. It was nice!

God Bless and Much Love to all!!

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