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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hi-Ho, Oh, Did U Know?!?!

I try keeping myself in every way possible disconnected from Brent. Changing my number only added madness to the mix. It's disturbing to think some one's life is so pathetic that they need to harass me every which way possible.

In the past I started to tell a little bit about Brent's girlfriend reaching out to me. But, I abruptly changed the subject because, in all honesty, she asked me to. Since she's never did anything to me, I respected her wishes. Beside that fact, she was in danger and I didn't want to be responsible for anything to happen to her. However, today she gave me the clearance.

I feel this is important to share for numerous reason. But, if I had to narrow the reasoning down to just one it would be as a "character reference" for Brent. Instead of picking up where I left off about that, I'm going to share today's convo.

Here's the email that I received from her:

Kara: Hey, I hope you get this, let me know if you away woman!!! That freak will be in jail shortly for terroristic threats and I'm taking out an Emergency Protective Order tomorrow. I have GOT TO tell you all about this BS! (I GOT ALL OF MY FURNITURE, but had to leave a bunch small stuff behind). He is completely OUT OF HIS MIND!!!! Keep those kids AWAY FROM him and keep them safe! I'm serious. He really does belong in a mental institution!

WOMAN POWER! :) Hey, I'll join the blog and post his text messages and emails on there...I can't wait until you start making some big bucks from it! I'll tell the truth that you were right all along and I experienced the same BS!
Me: I had to change my number, because he wouldn't leave me alone. He's capable of a lot of creepy stuff, so be careful. I'm very scared of him - that's one of the reason's I kind of backed off on blogging. You can send me an email when you get a chance. His brother once told me "history repeats itself" ... and boy, was he right! Once upon a time, Brent used to be a great person (or at least, that's what I thought) - but, now days, the drugs have ate up his brain and he's comparable to the devil. From the bottom of my heart, please take my warning - don't trust him with anything. If he can do cruel things to 6 innocent children, no telling what he will do to an adult. I don't know you, but you seem to be a nice person. Don't waste your time with him - there's no "fixing" him. He's a lost cause.
Kara: Oh, trust me. I have to work today, but have made arrangements to go to court tomorrow morning to get an EPO. He blew up my phone so I changed my number. Now he's sending me emails that he's "gonna get me." He flipped out because, first, I didn't wait for him to get home. I hauled ass to get as much as I could, but left a lot of priceless stuff behind. Secondly, he thought he was going to get to keep my flat screen TV. NOT. Why should I enable him to get more drugs? I found a shit load of crack baggies and steel wool behind my bed when we took it apart. My crystal candle holders also came up missing. Those were priceless as well since they came from Europe. Anyway, he came up with some stupid story yesterday that he was "HERE" in Illinois and was coming to the house to get HIS TV. Whatever dude. Then he threatened to call my family, ruin my schooling, hell, ruin my life. Repeatedly, he text me "you cheating lying whore, bitch, slut, etc. I called the police here in IL and they said just because he's in KY doesn't mean they can't get to him for "Terroristic threats". So he better watch his Ps and Qs. The police said I had plenty of grounds for a restraining order. One other funny thing is that he knows where I live, but this place is out in the country but set up like Ft Knox! Motion sensors, etc. Not only that but my brother in law is armed. That crack head even barricaded the doors and windows all over the house. It was really freaky! WTF was he thinking? He literally had the chairs propped up against all the door handles in the house. The basement is all blocked out but there's sex toys and all kinds of crazy shit down there. He is really off of his rocker. I had to play games with him in order to get my stuff back. I'm pissed cuz of the stuff I had to leave behind...but at least I'm GONE! Then he says he got rear ended in the car he just bought and doesn't have a car anymore. OK, if you got rear ended, normally that would be the fault of the other driver, or your insurance would cover it. I don't know but based on all the things you said, I believe he traded it for drugs. Hey, here's a good tidbit for you to make a PILE of money! Be a bartender! That's what I'm doing now in a really tiny town and I'm making well over $150 per day in tip money. I don't have to go to work, but I love where I'm at now and I'm finally happy! I'll send you all the texts as soon as I get them all uploaded tonight to take to court tomorrow. My best to you! Women power to conquer assholes like that!

I think you should continue your blog. He can't touch you. He make shit up but has nothing to back it up. So really, I wouldn't worry about it.

Here's a really funny one. When I left here on Sunday to drive down there, he text me "that's fucked. Bring me McDonalds for breakfast." WTF???? Is he out of his mind? I had to make up a story that I was going back to Germany so that he couldn't mess with me anymore. Page turned and the book is closed on the crazy lunatic!

Take care...keep those kids away from that freak! I'll testify for you anytime you want!!!!! I will tell all!!!
Me: Wow! That's crazy! I feel bad for you, because I know what you are going through. Glad you got out. There's a point that you get to where you realize that what's left behind can stay there. Be thankful that you came out alive. That's where I got to. It's sad, but it all pans out in the end.
Kara: Oh, you can join me on FB and all that fun stuff now. That'll really piss him and "Bob" off. ha ha ha ah!!!
I really do feel sorry for her. As a woman, we really should look out for each other. I tried to warn her months back, but she needed to learn on her own. Brent is a very manipulative person and can make anyone think he's decent. I hope for her safety, she saw his true colors and got the hell out of dodge. I can't help but wonder if Brent ever thinks about the last thing his dad told him. I was there and I know what it was, "straighten up boy, this is a lonely way to die". Maybe his Dad knew more then he led on to. Whatever the case may be, it's obviously something Brent is not living by.
Moments later, I got an email from my LinkedIn account. Here's what it says:
LinkedIn has received a Notice of False Profile submitted to us pursuant to our Notice and Procedure for making Claims Regarding Content Violations. We request that you immediately remove the infringing content identified below. If you don't take action three business days from the date of this email, we will remove or disable access to the allegedly infringing, inaccurate or unlawful content identified in the Notice pursuant to our Procedure.

...This profile is grossly incorrect. This person has only a high school diploma. She has no
working knowledge of 6 sigma or any of the quality process listed. She
has never worked as a (Identity Protection) employee. She is studying to
obtain a Associates degree at a non ABET accredited school in a field
completely unrelated to the position listed. ...
Again, this is Brent's work. I wish he would spend more time focusing on things that matter then what I do and don't do for that matter. Although, I will refrain myself from stating the obvious of "Geee, your parents wasted all their money on your education and you ended up a crack head who collects a government check.", but what would be the point?!?! So, instead I simply responded back to LinkedIn and ignored the sheer ignorance of a drug-induced, mental person who was hoping I would reach out to him. I'm sure his next move will be to let me know some how that I'm fat. Like I don't know already, right?!?
Oh well, I'm glad he doesn't bother me anymore. Again, I feel sorry for such a lost soul. I will say an extra prayer for that man tonight.
Anyway, things are going smoother on my end. Sure, I have my up and downs, but I'm a freakin survivor. Have a great day. God Bless and Much Love!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Short and Sweet

Life has been so peaceful since I changed my number. Why didn't I do this long before now?!?! I guess I was afraid to add another change in my children's life. But, that was crazy thinking - they almost already know the new digits.

Speaking of kids, they've been really sick with a stomach virus. It's been horrific. I actually caught it and it knocked me out of commission for a few days.

Today is the court hearing for Brent failing to pay child support, maintenance, and returning my belongings to me. To once be a smart individual, he sure lost his ways. And that's all I'm going to say about that. Let the chips fall where they may.

Over the last several years, I have come across a lot of people that have experienced situations similar to mine. It's never distinguished by race, sex, wealth, religion, education, or any other factor, or lack of. Addiction does not discriminate. Unfortunately, it's a major problem in our world. I know I can't fix it. Believe me, if I could - I would. But, I can bring awareness and so can you. Don't be naive like I was. Do your research and know what is going on around you.

This post is short and to the point. God Bless and Much Love!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Freaks Come Out At Night

So, you are probably wondering why I happened to fall off away from blog world. Well, the answer is simple. Brent!

My dear friends helped me land a new job. Even though the position is only temporary, it was in my best interest to come off the blog in hopes that he wouldn't find me or know about the new position. I was torn between emotions. At first, I was so excited to get back at it. Yet, on the other hand, I had been a stay at home since Casie was born. It was hard to wake up one day and realize that someone else would be getting my kids up in the morning - making sure they were dressed appropriately, do the girl's hair, make sure they brushed their teeth, feed them breakfast - but, most of all, it was that drive to school every morning that I miss the most. We talked about so much, sometimes they would sing and laugh, and then seeing them jump out and head into school with smiles on their face is a proud moment for any parent. But, I knew that in order to support them and give them the life they deserve, this is something I had to do. It was hard getting used to working full time and going to school full time, but things started to fall into place and I knew I made the right decision. Within a few short weeks, this girl is debt free!!!

I was so excited to see some familiar faces from my past at my new job. Working in a large corporation, it's easy to access the address book and look people up. Apparently, that's what someone did. Brent found out where I was. He sent me a text page as an unverified sender. Basically, what that means is he goes into my cell phone carrier's website and types in a number to send a text. Since it doesn't come directly from the phone, it will register as that number but state that it's "unverified". It read, "If you want a job there, send me your resume. Lol!" What an idiot!!!

Days following that, my phone blew up with phone calls from mental hospitals and eating disorder clinics responding to entries that he entered online. I mean, seriously .... a 45 year old man doing this?!?! First off, you have to wonder is his life really that pathetic that he has nothing better to do? Secondly, he must be a few fries short of a happy meal to do something like this. So, I'm wondering if he's high on his drugs or off his meds!!! Something is up! This isn't the first time he did this either. I mean, his message is loud and clear - he thinks I'm fat and mental. But, behaving like a child isn't really saying much for him, now is it?!?!

He didn't pay his back child support, or do anything else the court ordered for that matter, so we are scheduled to go back to court over that on the 12th. According to our divorce decree, he will be sentenced to 6 months in jail. That could be the best thing that ever happens to him. Especially, if they lose the key.

Then, there was the Domestic Violence trial. That was a joke!!!! And I'm sorry, but I do question our justice system. As my aunt and I walked through the corridor, Brent snapped a picture with his cell phone of our back sides. I don't get what that was about. Maybe he was taking it to show his friends my fat ass. But, I was freaked out. He is crazy and sort of freaking pervert!!!! Apparently, the Commonwealth of Kentucky and his attorney hashed out a deal without even talking to me. Back to rehab and Seven Counties he goes. In the meantime, he can continue to harass the shit out of me.

That night, my cell phone rang in the middle of the night. I was half asleep, so I didn't get it. Seconds later, the home phone rang. I knew it must be something bad, so I jumped up. It was my oldest sister.

"CC, are you ok?!?! The alarm company just called me and said there is trouble in the house."
"No, everything is fine ... the dogs aren't barking and it's not going off."
"Well, stay put - the police are on their way."

Moments later, the police arrived in multiple cars. I opened the door and told them that I didn't know what was going on. The alarm wasn't going off, but would check around the inside. He told me that the house appeared to be secure and to call back if we needed anything. As soon as they pulled off, the home phone rang .... the number showed an Elizabethtown number, which is a town about an hour south of Louisville. My mom and I both answered and there was his voice on the other end .... his sheepish "Hello" ... but, when he realized my mom was on the phone as well, he passed it to someone else. The guy said "I got the wrong number, my bad." and hung up. I thought, do I call the police back?!? Nope! Instead I called that number back, it was a "non-working number". Interesting, huh? Since I can't prove it - I have to pretend it didn't happen. Cute, huh??

Because of the picture, he's being held in contempt .... so back to court on the 29th. Put yourself in my shoes, starting a new job and having to ask off for this ignorant shit!!! I'm sure that makes me look really good. Luckily, the people I work with are very cool and understanding. It's still embarrassing though. Finally, I had enough. I changed my damn number!!! Life has been so peaceful without all the "blocked" and "anonymous" calls. My next move is to delete my email account. Since he will no longer know where I reside, it's less likely to deal with his sorry ass! Hopefully!

My kids and I will be doing a lot of traveling in the weeks to follow. We are so excited to be able to move on and get on with life. Although there's still a lot to sort out, I feel better knowing that my children will one day realize who was both "mommy and daddy" to them.

I will continue on with my blog, but please understand that with my current schedule, I will not be able to post as often as I would like. I hope everyone had a great Halloween!!!! God Bless to All and of course, much love!!!