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Thursday, March 7, 2013


Have you ever really wondered what is your main reason of being? Is it to be successful in your career? Is it to raise a family? To help others? Excel in education? That question really lingers in my brain lately. What is my purpose?

As the week started, I found myself down in the dumps. So much to process, but questions weren't being answered, or maybe just not to my satisfaction. Things actually did fall into place. I called my attorney to see how the case is moving. Motions have been filed to hold Brent accountable for canceling the children's insurance, failure to pay maintenance payments, and failure to return my personal property. I was baffled that this hasn't already happened. Talks with his attorney seem pointless. I guess that's an attorney's way to drag out a case to make more money. Or maybe it isn't that attorney at all, maybe it's Brent. Who knows, who cares. I'm glad it's finally freaking moving in the right direction. The competency hearing was passed off to April, so there's still no end to that. I guess that's how our lovely justice system works. Personally, I was hoping they would lock him away and throw away the key. But, hey ... who am I?

My oldest child celebrated her 6th birthday. We had a good time with family, although she won't be having a "friend" birthday party - she had a great time and enjoyed being amongst the people who love her the most.

I've started to be able to go out more often these days. I went to the Kid Rock concert with some pretty awesome people. We had a blast! I've been really taking friends up on their offers and forcing myself to get out. Last night I went out with a bunch of near and dear friends. Oh my gosh, some things I just can't blog about. But, I can tell you this ... my stomach still hurts from laughing. My hesitation of going out definitely fades as soon as I'm actually out. But, it's overcoming that initial reaction.

However, it still brings me to the burning question, what's my deal? I love being a mother, although it is by far the hardest job ever, I enjoy being with my children. My blog, to me, is successful. Every time I make a post, the hits are consistent. I love my career path and feel I'm learning a lot. There's been talks about possibly relocating out of state. That might be our chance to really start fresh, but is that what we really need to do?!?! School could be a lot better. However, I guess I'm burned out. I don't seem to really care about it like I should! My personal presentation is slowly improving, when I weighed in this morning, I was down 18 pounds. I'm debt free, other then my car. So, what's with the doom and gloom feeling? Is this normal? Is something wrong? What can I do to make a change?

This weekend is extremely busy, plus it's finals week. But, I think it's important that I need to set some time aside and re-evaluate my goals. Maybe I will be able to find some answers and understand this path I'm taking.

God Bless and Much Love!

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