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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coping With Kindergarten

What is normal behavior when a child starts Kindergarten? What should be of concern? Casie was in pre-school for two years and there was never any "issues" from teachers with her. She's a very kind hearted girl who respects other's for who they are. I've never heard her be rude to other children (not including her siblings), and she goes out of her way to make other's smile. That's who she is!

However, she's having a hard time staying focused and has raised concern with her teacher as being chatty in class. But, last night took the cake. We were invited out to dinner with my parents and before the food arrived, Casie threw the biggest fit. I'm talking stomping feet, running her mouth, and making a scene. My immediate reaction was to pick her up and take her outside. Once we were out there, I waited for her to chill out and then asked her what was up. I was asking questions like is something going on at school? Are you tired? Did something happen? Do you have too much going on? But, she had this look on her face .... like, seriously, if looks could kill, I wouldn't be here right now, and I wasn't getting anything out of her. The whole thing was SO embarrassing!! So, I sat out there with her for about 5 minutes in silence. Once that "look" went aways and I knew she was calm, we went back in and joined the rest of the party.

On our way home from the restaurant, I started to talk to her about what took place. Both of us were calm at that point and it made it easier to explain what she did was unacceptable and how she could cope with her feelings in a more appropriate way.

I'm starting to feel like a lost ship at sea. Why can't children come with directions or something?!?!There's two other mother's from the school that I became friends with and they always offer suggestions or even just hear me out. Sometimes it helps sharing these stories to other's who can really relate. I hope they know how much our little talks help me!! My concerns grew stronger then just last night's episode. I can't help but wonder if she's still making the transition from half day to all day. I did my usual "google" search and came across some pointers that would be helpful with any child and thought I would share. It's from under "First Day Blues at Kindergarten":

  • Convey a positive attitude about school.
  • Make transportation plans clear to the child.
  • Create a normal routine atmosphere at home.
  • Give your child free playtime at home after school.
  • Plan your day so that you can spend time with your child when he or she returns from school.
  • Help your child cope with the occasional frustrations and disappointments in school.
  • Remember that learning to like school and liking to learn are closely related.
  • Avoid comparing this child's school experience with how siblings did when they began at school.
  • Think of yourself as a coach who supports and facilitates your child's healthy development in school.

Maybe since she's my first, all of this is new to me and I'm learning myself. Maybe by the time the next one comes along, I will know that this is normal and have a better way to approach it. In the meantime, it's a work in progress .... and I'm along for the ride.

God Bless and Much Love!!!


  1. Well I wouldn't be too worried, remember Kayte at that age? LOL..hang in there kid

  2. How could I ever forget! Love that kid! ;)