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Friday, February 3, 2012

Speak of the Devil & the Devil Will Appear (Unfortunately)

I just don't get it!! This morning I was approached by the Director of Preschool and one of the teachers, Brent has contacted them to get a copy of the report cards. I'm the first to recognize, as a parent, wanting that information. But, considering Brent's track record and the fact that he hasn't paid one penny towards tuition, how can he have the audacity to even ask?!? It's embarrassing! Guess that's another attempt on his part to play father of the year. 

As I walked down the school hall, I started noticing all the father's that bring their kids to school - holding their hands, giving big hugs, and telling them how much they love each other. If I'm seeing that, I'm sure my children are too! I can't imagine how that makes them feel.

Casie has been telling my mom that she wants me to start dating, so she can have a "new" dad in her life. I explained to her that she only has and ever will only have one father and that my focus is on them and wasn't ready to let someone else in. She looked at me with her big brown eyes and asked, "But Mommy, aren't you lonely?" I just smiled and gave her a hug and said "I could never be lonely - I have all of you!" 

I don't know. Deep within, I wonder if I was skinner, or prettier, smarter, successful, etc. that maybe life would be easier and I would know which way to turn. But, that's not right! God gave me these cards and I just have to learn how to play them correctly. The question is, how do I figure that out?!?!


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself! I am sure they see the other dads, but a mom can be both parents and the children never miss a thing. My mom was! Kid's are amazingly strong, no matter how much we want to protect them.

  2. You are right! And thanks, I needed that to bump me out of this!

  3. Girl stop! You know I love you and I'm a big fat ass and I found mike! We've had our ups and downs you know better than anyone! You will find love again it's hard I've been where you are but it will happen!!