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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Big Bad Wolf is Calling

Whoa!!!! I guess I know someone who doesn't approve of the judge's order. Can you guess who??? Yep! Brent. He's blowing the phone up. Mr. Barney Bad ass wants to call, say what he wants, and hang up. The only thing I got from him is "There will be a large truck arriving in the middle of next week with everything from the garage in it. But, half that shit you requested is gone. Too bad!" I said, "It better be there, or back to the court we go." .... click, call disconnected. Oh, but wait .... ring, ring, ring .... Call from "The guy who's too much of a coward to show his caller id".

Me: "What?!?!"
Him: "You stole my Grandma's silver!"
Me: "Nobody wants your Grandma's fake ass silver."
Him: "The decree says you are liable for half the debt of the house .... prepare yourself, it will cost you $20k" [click, coward hangs up again]

This guy is a real nut. Addicted or not. He needs to be checked into a mental facility. Locked away and stow away the key. Phone is off for the night. Better yet, my number is going to have to be changed!!!! Then, adios amigos!!! Seriously, dude! This is his second divorce. Shouldn't he have this mastered by now? Some what of a pro?!?!

He tells all of these lies to his family. No wonder his brother's have to come to the Louisville court house from Michigan for court records. Go ahead! It's public record. It's your brother who shames the family name. And to think, I just thought they were nosey, pathetic people who had nothing better to do. I mean ... seriously, who does that?!?

I guess they are giving him grief over his grandma's silver. What I had, I returned to his attorney at the deposition, meaning a court reporter documented the exchange. Believe me when I say, I want nothing to do with him and that includes material possessions. He's the one that told me a long time ago, that on one of his crack binges he was looking to pawn anything and everything he could. When he attempted to sell the silver - they wouldn't offer much because it's only "STERLING SILVER". I get it, it's a sentimental thing and if it was me, I would want it too. Those kind of things are priceless and cannot be replaced. But, buddy you need to look elsewhere. I didn't take it NOR DO I WANT IT!!!! All of the other things of sentimental value, I gave to his one brother's wife. The silver was not included in that. Unlike him, I told the truth under oath! The truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God.

I guess the roller coaster is kicking in now of emotions. Because he's angry and I'm just reassured of what a real piece of work he is!!! And rather annoyed. Here's the answers to the questions I'm getting:

Do I fear him? Of course I do. For some one to be that mentally unbalanced is capable of anything. Throw a crack pipe into the mix, and I'm sure you have a real monster on your hands.

Am I mad at him? Of course I am. I loved that guy with my whole heart, he took complete advantage of me, and broke it and our children's into a million tiny pieces.

Then, why do I run my mouth and call him a "coward" and names like that? Well, it's immature, yes! But, when I'm mad - that's what I do. Run my mouth. I guess it's a coping mechanism. I don't know.

Do I think if he's clean and sober, there's ever going to be a chance for us to reunite?!? HELL NO!!!! Not in this life time will I ever even consider such!

Do I still love him? I will always love him. He's the father of my children.

Do you think he'll ever get clean? I hope he does! But, I, personally, don't think he will ever get clean.

Do I miss him? I miss the man he used to be. But, certainly not this creep he is today!

What about his current girlfriend? I already know he's playing her like a deck of cards. Think about it - he did it to 2 wives, 6 children - the new "girl" isn't any different. The only thing she and the future ones are to him is an easy target to rob, steal from, and cheat on. Don't believe me, check back in six months and check their status. I actually feel sorry for them!

Does it bother you he changes girls so frequently? I could care less! Better them, then me.

Anyway, I'm out of here for the weekend. Have a good one. God Bless and Much Love! Check back Sunday night or Monday!

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