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Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Passed!! Bring on the next one!!

Relatively calm day today. I finished up the semester at school with passing finals and was able to get my books for the next one. My cousin came over to hang out and I had to head back to the Endocrinologist for my labs on my Thyroid condition. It's obviously way out of whack, but I won't know until the results come in. Thank goodness the Judge hasn't made his rulings yet, because until then I'm still covered by insurance.

Speaking of that, today marks four weeks since the trial. Brent seems to think he's above the law and the justice system though because he never follows any of the orders. Such as, child support for example. The last time he paid was April 2012. Since the divorce isn't final yet, the local child support enforcement office cannot help me.

Another example would be this whole Domestic Violence Issue. It states that he can not have any contact with me what so ever (including no third party) and he can't be within 500 feet of me. Yet, in February he was arrested for two counts of violating that order. The court date continues to get pushed back ..... and he still continues to call me. It's nothing of importance either, it's always a load of crap! Today, at 1:22pm another "Blocked" call came through. His attorney once asked me to prove that was him. Well, it's simple .... when someone dials *67 to block their number on your caller id, the number will show on your bill.

Being that his specialty is in Engineering, you would think he would know that. Maybe he needs to brush up on his "psycho" skills. I don't know.

Anyway, when I was walking into the cafeteria at my school, there was a magazine rack that held this month's issue of Today's Woman. It was kind of neat to know that I was featured in there for this blog. My numbers have continued to climb and I'm grateful that I might have the opportunity to reach more people. With the feedback that I have received, I know I have already made a difference in some one's life and that is such a rewarding feeling. As of today, this blog has 14,616 hits around the globe.

With that said, enjoy the rest of your day and God Bless and Much Love!

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  1. I like your blog. Very informitive. I think you need to be more objective than subjective though. what I mean is this just seems to one sided to believe everything. For instance I do not see where the above comment is blogged. Might be my error though not being that internet literate. You didn't answer the question though. Do you have a degree or not ? There is a big difference between being a student and obtaining a degree let alone multiple degrees. I see in your latest post that you just finished a final exam. For what type of degree. Associates, Bachlor, Masters etc... Do you have any professional training or background in areas of mental health or addiction ? Sounds like you both need some help here. I will stay tuned in but please be clear about information you state as fact. Some of it just seems a little far fetched for an educated couple that you both seem to be. As a father I could not have imagined not being able to see my children as they grew up. I am sure this must be very difficult for him, issues aside or not. For you as a mother this must be gut wrenching knowing you have to be both parents. My opinion is that you are both wrong. You for not supporting him to stay clean and him for not being stand up parent. I think you both should put your heads together and work as parents for your children as they are in probably the most important years of their lives. CC do you really not want them to know their father no matter what his mistakes are ? Brent if what CC has written in this blog is really factual what is wrong with you. You are obviously an educated man.

    You both need to support each other as parents so your children don't continue to pay the price for both of your differences.

    I am lucky as I re-married my wife, the mother of my children after we divorced. Maybe both of you should consider the same as you both need support albeit for different problems.

    Good luck to both of you from sunny FL.