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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sharing War Stories

My whole hope and dedication towards this blog pays off after just reading through my email. I would like to take this moment and recognize one of our followers. Personally, I have never met her or spoke with her until she sent me an email earlier in the week. I want to spot light her personally because when I was choosing my audience, I was trying to focus on the innocent party of drug users. It's was a lovely surprise to see that she was on the other side of the spectrum and I'm thrilled that she shared her story with me. It goes like this (in her words) ...

When I was 13 I started drinking quite heavy,,then discovered pot and booze did a better job...I quit for a few years when I was married at 17  ( not pregnant just infatuated with a 24 year old) started to drink again and it at the age of 25 and discovered acid,mushrooms the odd line of coke.....I started by snorting it ,then when it didn’t do anything for me anymore I started smoking it world fell apart soon after....then when that didn’t work anymore I started injecting it....I can’t tell you how many times I overdosed because I really don’t know ....I then found great relief in opiates and was injecting anywhere from 400-700 mg of morphine a day.they don’t give that much to a suffering cancer patient ...I was then introduced to methadone by a dr. I was up to 120 mg of that every day....when I decided I had enough of that shit I started to ween myself off til I reached 60 mg a day then I quit cold turkey ......that was the beginning of my new hell the withdrawls from methadone are worse than anything I have ever withdrawn from. I would not recommend it to anyone......ok that is my drunk and drug see CC there was a little girl inside of me that was in a lot of pain and this big girl didn’t learn how to cope with it .I had to heal the child within me if I wanted to get better ...I am a 49 year old grand mother now who is just learning how to deal with life without mind altering substances .I was on anti depressants for a lot of years and clonazapam  and all that is gone now too. My life has never been so wonderful ....I have a great relationship with my Creator , my children( 30-31 ) and my daughter trust me to look after one of the greatest gifts in my recovery my grandson.

This woman amazed me. I was truly touched by her story, because honest to God I didn't feel it was possible for someone that is that heavy into drugs could actually become clean! Not only she is clean, but she's been sober for 7 years! She should be so proud of her accomplishments. And I hope that who ever else is reading this out there that's in the same situation, let her be your inspiration. You CAN DO IT! 

Moving along, for those that are interested the limo never showed yesterday. I haven't heard back from him and we are on the docket for Monday for the motions I filed to hold him in contempt for child support and what not. 

Today was a little trying. As I told you in the past, Casie is having a very hard time in dealing with not being able to even talk to her Dad and she acts out by misbehaving, terribly! We were getting ready to attend her friend's birthday party at a local fire station when she took her anger out on Tommy. He had something that belonged to her, so she pushed him and the poor kid went airborne across the room. He wasn't hurt, thank God, but he could have been! In situations like this, I find that ignoring her just doesn't do the trick. So, needless to say, Casie did not get to attend the birthday party and wasn't happy about it. I'm thinking that another trip to the doctor is necessary in her situation.

I'm signing off, but again congrats to my girl that I mentioned above! I'm so proud of you, keep up the great work!

Much love and God Bless!!

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