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Monday, January 23, 2012

Snoop Doggin'

Another day, another text from an "unverified sender". It read:

"Limo will be there to pick you up about 1:30 Friday. I got your dress, necklace, and ring. Be back Tuesday. 1st class press credentials."

After my mom took me to urgent care, which by the way, I have the flu, she took me on a mission. And these missions according to her is called "snoop doggin". God love her! She wanted me to see first hand that Brent hasn't changed despite all his recent contact. It wouldn't have taken much to convince me, but I was too sick to argue back and since my sister was watching the children, I enjoyed the quietness! I don't respond to any communication what so ever from him. I do, however, speak to his brothers and ones of their wives, but conveniently they haven't called lately.

Our first stop was by the marital residence - all blinds were closed and no lights on. Then, she drove me to a church about 5 minutes away. I immediately recognized it because our friend that married us happens to be the pastor there. She pointed out a black Dodge Charger with Illinois plates. I swear that lady should be a private eye. "That's the car" she began to tell me. "It belongs to a woman that looks to be in her 40's. She's very thin and lives at your house."

It didn't really bother me, because I've heard from various sources anyway, so I just shrugged and said "Better her then me, mama". As we drove home, I couldn't help but wonder how one person can be so evil? In a way, I feel sorry for his new girlfriend, because I'm sure that she is unaware of his constant communication with me and (I'm sure) other women. Then, the thought crossed my mind of what if he really had a limo pick me up and his drug dealers were in there to knock me off. Regardless of anything, I wouldn't walk to the bathroom with this jerk, much less even consider going across the country with him! 

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