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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ding, Ding, Ding - Let the Communication Begin

God heard my cry for help! Tommy went through his testing and passed. My sweet little man just gets so excited and wants to finish what he starts. Wow, I guess he inherited something from me. My three little babies – they drive me crazy at times, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. They are what make my world go round and I’m truly blessed for each and every one of them.
I received a letter again from Brent’s attorney; it was actually to my lawyer. He was asking to meet to discuss how they could approach whether by settlement or trial purposes. Then it goes on to say that both clients are suitable for bankruptcy. Regarding the house, there is little equity and that both mortgages are solely in Brent’s name. Should the house go in foreclosure or whether I simply want to abandon it? Then it went into the taxes saying that basically nothing has been filed since 2008 and it would be in the best interest if we file jointly. Without even thinking, I started typing an email to my lawyer and here’s what it wrote:
In response to the Danielson (Brent’s attorney) letter, there is no way I'm suitable for bankruptcy, nor would I even consider filing jointly with Brent. I have worked very hard to clear my credit report and have been working very closely with all three Credit Bureaus. However, if Brent chooses to take that route on his own then I would suggest the pile of outstanding medical bills incurred by the children.

Regarding the house, this is NOT a non-martial asset. Brent and I purchased the house before we were married in December 2005 (note the deed to the home says both of our names). We were not even engaged at that point! Yes, the mortgage is in his name solely, but I worked at Ford Motor Company as a contractor from the date of the purchase until the birth of our first child. However, I still received short-term disability and then unemployment through 2010. We financed 100% and there was NO down payment. Not to mention, I cashed in my 401(k) when he wasn't receiving pay during the long-term disability transition to make payments on all bills, including the home. We shared a bank account and all bills were paid by both parties! There is more equity in the house then he is saying. Despite HIS debts of liens from outstanding loans, home owner association bill not paid, and whatever else. We can pull records on this to prove! I would suggest we see what liens are on the property and the date of the origination because I'm not on any of them, or at least I better not be. (Considering we are dealing with a crack head, you just never really know.) Might I also add that my company I worked for was the one that paid for the attorney for the closing of the sale of the home. 

The real estate lady has continuously tried to get into the house for a pricing, but unable due to the fact that one time Brent’s live in girlfriend (might I add that violates the order from mediation) had just had oral surgery and he was busy taking care of her. The next reason was that Brent, himself, had oral surgery. The time after that was that he didn't have a court order. And finally, the last time was that he was going to keep the property and there was no need for her services. You can contact Mrs. Parker (the real estate lady) to confirm this information. This morning, I spoke to Mrs. Parker, via text page and she said that he has since called her and she is scheduled to go there tomorrow. Please keep in mind as well, that Brent himself was the one to choose Mrs. Parker from his previous real estate relationship in the first place. I agreed and have exhausted my outlets on working with him. If he wants the house, that's fine. But, I expect to be bought out in order for my name to come off from the deed.

I filed my own taxes and brought them current at the IRS office located downtown, filing married but separate. It was NOT in the best interest of me to file jointly! The money that I got back went to back taxes from 2006 where Brent incorrectly claimed his children from his previous marriage! 

Really, my thought is, why try a settlement. This guy is off his rocker! Let's just go to trial. Your thoughts?!?

If you need anything else from me, please let me know. 

My attorney is truly my guardian angel. I can tell her anything and she tells me if I’m being ridiculous or not. By the time this comes to an end, the two of us might be best friends. Next thing I know, she fired off a letter back to Mr. Danielson:
I am in receipt of your letter dated January 2, 2012. CC  is unwilling to file for bankruptcy as she has worked hard since the parties’ separation to clear her credit report. Both parties’ names are on the deed to the house as they purchased it prior to the marriage - it is decidedly marital property. There is no reason for the house to go into foreclosure.

With regard to the taxes CC has filed all of her tax returns filing married but separate.

While I am always available to settlement it would seem to be fruitless in this case at this time. Brent is not complying with a single court order and I will be filing various motions for contempt. Until Brent demonstrates the most basic good-faith effort to fulfill his obligations discussions of settlement are futile.

It wasn’t much longer until I received my first $500 from Brent. I guess he knows my girl’s not playing!

So, then check this out. For years I had the same email address. However, a year ago when I moved out I changed it to stop the constant harassment from Brent. Ironically, I started receiving emails from that account. Guess who has it now? You guessed it, it was Brent! The first one had something attached from the local jewelry store and it simply said:
 “This would have been yours today. We can still work this out. Another Christmas alone.”
Immediately following was another one,
I have been clean for 45 days and can prove it.House is ready to move back into.You can have total control and a new vehicle.TV's replaced.Account set up for you with $10K.House is immaculant just like you want it.Work this out and you will never regret it.I promise you.Leave your things and come home so you have your security.I made a mistake that has been corrected.You know you want me and I want you.I am ready to prove it.Fire place rebuilt. New watch waiting for you. New jewelry and wedding ring waiting for you.Marry me again. Take a chance for our family. Do it for the kids sake and your own. You now have everything.Carpet replaced. Drop DVO you won't regret it. Keep Acadia money. I will pray for your return. I am ready. Everything you wanted.Keep everything your took.All ready replaced.You will be impressed.
I literally cut and pasted that and all I can say is the dude can’t spell! And finally, the last one said
“State of the art security system being installed next tuesday like you wanted. I will make you dreams come true. Give me a chance. I am proving it now.

Once again, another cut and paste. Is this guy for real? This relationship is too damaged for repairs. Not to mention, the odds are he probably still has a woman living in MY house. I guess my mom is right when she says “every day is another drama with him”.

When I didn’t respond to those, I received a text page that said “Unverified Sender” and then listed my brother’s phone number. When I called the carrier, they told me that someone went on their website and sent a text from that. Since the text wasn’t actually sent from the phone number listed that’s why it came through as an “unverified sender”. All I can say is that its true crack heads should be telemarketers – they are persistent little you know whats! Anyhow, the text said "please come home we can make this worth".

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