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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Proclamation Day 02/01/2012

I received a call from the Louisville Mayor's office. They read my blog and asked for me to come pick up the proclamation. Call me stupid, but I really didn't know what the hell that meant. Curiosity got the best of me and I made my way downtown to Metro Hall. I was handed an official looking white folder and inside was a certificate that read:

Louisville Office of the Mayor Proclamation
Greetings to whom all these presents shall come, know ye that February 1, 2012 is hereby proclaimed in Louisville, Kentucky to be CC Lyon Day and I urge all citizens to observe this special recognition.

Done in Louisville, Commonwealth of Kentucky, this the First day of February 2012.

Greg E. Fischer, Mayor

Like I said, I don't know much about this type of thing, but I was super excited. My kids could have cared less though but my parents were happy for me. 

Things are still quiet before the next storm blows over. Nothing from Brent means peaceful time for me. The kids have been sick and stayed home from school the last couple of days. So, we spent a lot of time just chilling out. It was lovely!

On a sad note though, I took them and my mom to see the clean up from the tornadoes that touched down earlier in the week. It's devastating to see the mess and the damage that these caused. The National Weather Service confirmed they were consistent with an  EF-1 with wind speeds between 86-110mph. There was a horse farm about a mile from the children's school that was destroyed and horses were running wild. One of the nicer hotels downtown had the air conditioning unit blow off the roof. That hotel is known for its well known patron visits from the past, including The Duke of Windsor, Harry Truman, Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Young, Joan Crawford, Eddie Cantor, Gene Autry, Eva Marie Saint, Muhammad Ali, and many, many others. It's a very popular destination during the Kentucky Derby. As far as the local news channels, no one was killed in these storms and thank God for that!

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