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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Storms Touched Down in Louisville Today

Strong storms caused damage throughout Louisville this morning and I was about to create my own marks as well. 

After being the last parent to pick the children up from half day preschool due to road closures and storm damage, I spent the rest of the afternoon making phone calls, sending emails, and doing a lot of research. I was finally able to compile a letter to my attorney:

I just received a call from the real estate agent and she is going to send over an estimate of the pricing. She said due to its current condition the value of the home would be greatly reduced unless Brent was willing to make the repairs and have the home iodized. Once the paperwork gets drawn up, she will send a copy to Brent and myself. 

Brent has been able to send some text pages, coming from either my brother's number or as an unverified sender. When I called Verizon Wireless about this they said that its possible that he went into their website to send these texts and there really wasn't a way to track it. However, the first messages told me I could come home that everything has been replaced and a state of the art security system has been installed and that we could work it out. The next few after that asked me if I wanted to attend the SAG awards with him - it would include everything first class with press credentials. It even went on to say that he would buy the outfits that I would need. Then, the few after that said that the garage is full from front to back and I would need a uhaul to "get all my shit" and that I better come up with $12k because that's what I'm going to owe once the house forecloses. And finally today, he was asking if we were ok after the storm and that he has the travel arrangements all lined up for me to attend the awards with him. 

As far as the schooling goes, Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) charges for preschool. It's important to keep the kids in the current school system since their life has been swept from underneath their feet. It's a familiar routine to them and they have established friendships. It's really hard to make ends meet keeping up with all of these demands without a consistent child support order. Can we have these funds that the judge ordered directly deducted from either his monthly social security or pension checks? Also, can we stress to him the importance of the education, regardless of my counseling, it's really in the children's best interest to assist with the tuition. He is not aware of Tommy's current situation since I do not have any communication with him. 

I guess my mom is right when she says "another day, another drama". Apparently, that's the case when you are dealing with someone that suffers an addiction problem. Will it ever end? So much support and love has come from creating this blog, but then other's aren't too happy about it. Honestly, I feel like it's my only outlet and writing this has helped me grow. Yet at the same time, I hope that some one that's reading it takes heed to my warning and get yourself out of this mess! Nothing in the world is worth living through this. I'm hoping that my children won't have to live with the embarrassment of their father's bad decisions and that people will understand what they are dealing with and embrace them instead of talking about them behind their backs. It's not their fault, they didn't choose this life. I'm also hoping that we can raise awareness of what is going on in our streets. Addiction affects most families and it could be lurking next door. I mean well by this blog and I'm focusing on my situation and have changed some names to protect the identity of other's. Understanding and patience is a virtue and I'm hoping that everyone can see where I'm coming from and extend that gratitude by sharing this site to other's.

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