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Monday, August 6, 2012

Weird Things

I first want to thank all of you who has reached out to me. Each of you are my guardian angels!

Weird things keep happening and all I know to do is document here, just in case. First off there's a Nissan Xterra that has posted up shop outside my home, on several occasions. It's gray with dark tinted windows. Being the paranoid person I am, I got a chance to view this person. I was by myself and this person did not see me come from a different direction. When I drove by him, I got a slight description before he hid his face. He was a white dude with a bald top and black hair ring around. He appeared to be in his 50's. As soon as I had clearance, I pulled into the garage and immediately shut the door. When I walked in, I pulled my mom aside to not alarm the children and explained what just happened. She went to the front window and the vehicle was gone. About 10 minutes later, the same vehicle went flying down the back alley. I considered calling the cops, but what really would I say?!? In the past, I was told that "they" had to catch him in the act before "they" could do anything. So, I did nothing.

I left the house again and watched my rear view mirror - I was not being followed. However, when I arrived at the location for my appointment I started to check my email via my mobile device. There was an email from a gentleman I never heard of before and the subject was "Eternity". I figured it was a spam message or something, but I clicked on it anyway. It read:

"Mrs. Lyons if you ever loved your husband you will show mercy on his sole and do every thing you can to see and contact him NOW.
God bless both of your soles. Love is for an eternity."
Of course I forwarded it on to the proper legal authority because it is a direct violation of the domestic violence order. No contact from a 3rd party is outlined in the order. But, I still started to think, what if this dude inflicted personal harm upon himself. How would that affect me? I am human! At one point in time, I dearly loved this man, not to mention he is the father of my children - yes, it would bother me. Regardless of the things he has did to me and my family. I would be hurt if something happened to him. But, if he chooses that path, it is not my fault and I would have to accept it. But, he is walking a dangerous road as it is - not only with the drugs and medication he is currently taking, but with the people he's messing with. I'm just thankful, or should I say reassured that I'm doing the right thing by staying away from him. Bottom line, I'm sure this email was from Brent directly and not this fictitious name it came across as.
All I can say is that I will pray for Brent and that he leads a better life. There's no chance for our relationship to reconcile, but I do hope the best for him for his children's sake! And pray that he gets clean from drugs!

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