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Monday, August 27, 2012

More Lies Come About

When I first met Brent was about 10 years ago. He used to tell me more crap - and I was so smitten, I believed it. One of these "stories" was how he received some crazy amount of United States Patents for inventions that his self (personally) created while working in the automotive industry. He was very intelligent, back then, and it was so neat to hear these stories. However, he told me that his ex-wife was this ratchet, evil woman who stole them, along with other sentimental, and sport memorabilia just to make him angry. I felt so sorry for him, so when he was down and out with his Bi-polar diagnosis, I thought it would be a good idea to start to research how I could order him a duplicate. I don't know if it's even possible, but that was my goal I set out to achieve.

During my research, I uncovered more lies. Apparently, he did receive a patent. But, it wasn't just him - his whole team did. That's still an achievement and I couldn't understand why he wouldn't just be proud of that fact and tell the truth. Why did he have to lie and tell me this long, drawn out bull shit story of how it was just him?!? So, considering the situation, I let it go - including my research. I figured that he still had the patents stashed away somewhere, so he wouldn't have to explain all of that. And I never brought it up again.

But, low and behold, at trial, I was asked by his attorney's to return those same freaking things. Luckily, the same judge was the one that handled Brent's first divorce, so I'm hoping that he remembers this is the same shit he pulled before. But, I was able to get something in during that moment. One of his attorney's was explaining that these were rewards for an invention that Brent created, and when it was my turn to speak I was able to slyly slide in "Actually, his whole team received it and as far as I know, he told me that his ex-wife has it." I was under oath, and the truth is what I gave.

Who will ever know the truth as to what really happened to them, but the odds are it has something to do with him. Why would his ex-wife or myself want them? Or any reminder for that matter of this douche bag that destroyed so many lives? Just saying! It's actually a very sad situation to see someone be so intelligent, so much potential - to just throw it all away for drugs. He went down fast and honestly, it breaks my heart.

If I had a penny for every time a co-worker (co-workers alone) warned me to get away from Brent before I married him - I would be rather wealthy. How did they see through him before I did? If only I would have taken heed to their warnings, where would I be?!!? Call me crazy, but I don't regret being with him. Besides the obvious, my children are the most important. But, I learned a lot from him. We did have good times together at one point and I experienced a lot with him - I moved out and on my own with this guy for the first time, I purchased my first home with this guy, our engagement, our beautiful wedding, exploring the world with him, and the most special having our babies. In my defense, I felt he was a good man when I married him and when I started to have babies with him. I have been asked a million times, "did you know he smoked crack before you married him?" The answer is simple "HELL NO". If I knew, I would have never married him much less have children with him. Now that I look back, I see the red flags all over. But, I was naive to the fact because I had little to no knowledge of the drug. There was several occasions that I suspected him of snorting cocaine, but he would  shoot that down right away and was (keyword being WAS) so good at convincing me otherwise, I literally thought I was crazy for thinking it. That's how he operated, a typical drug addict!

On another note, this weekend was crazy busy but we had such a blast! Friday, Casie had a friend come home from school with her and later that night we met up with that friend's family for dinner. It was a lot of fun! Saturday, we met up with some other of Casie's friends and their mom for a workshop and then a trip to the park. That night, we went to a little get together at a friend's house and had a blast. Sometimes just having a "girl's night out" is just good for the soul. I haven't laughed that much in forever and I need to make sure that I start to make time for these type of occasions. That experience made me realize two things: first, Casie has more of a social life then I do (smile) and two, I know I'm getting further along in the healing process, because before I would have had a million excuses of why I wouldn't be able to attend. With that being said, I'm glad I went! And finally, Sunday was a typical day at the house. My mom  makes a huge meal and throughout the day you never know who's going to show up, it's mostly my siblings and their families. It's funny because on the Facebook check-in, it pops up as "Big Momma's House" and then states "135 was here". Like I said, you never know who will show up.

My siblings and I have friends that still just drop in from time to time to see my parents or on the holidays people we haven't heard from in forever will call out of the blue just to wish them well. It's actually very sweet and I'm glad that it's like that. If I grew up with any of you, you know that our house was like an orphanage on any given day. There was four of us, and we always had a minimum of 2 or 3 friends over at a time. There was never a dull moment in this house, that's for sure.

Anyway, I'm off to school - have a great day!

God Bless and Much Love!

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