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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Observation Day

This morning I was woke up by my kids yelling. One had bread all over the kitchen floor, the other had pulled all the clothes out of a drawer, and the other one was jumping on the bed. Normally, I'm up before them, but today was an exception. After breakfast, we got ready and headed off to church. As my children left to attend the children's mass, I was able to take a deep breath and finally relax after our wild and crazy morning. Although this time was different, I observed a family of four sitting in front of me. They seemed so happy and loving towards each other. I wondered if couple's could truly be that happy. Surrounding me in this building was families after families of all kinds. I couldn't help but wish that I was that happy and had someone to share in all the madness with.

Our next stop after church was to grab a quick lunch and then head to get Casie's glasses fixed. Marissa was still acting like a wild animal, so I took her out to the car to wait for the rest of the gang to come out. Parked next to me was an SUV full of children. The mother came walking out the door with her hands full of bags of food and opened the door. I didn't look over, but all of a sudden I heard a lot of commotion and the mother shout out "Shit!". As it continued, the mother shouted out again "You get what I got and that's that." I wanted to turn to her and say, "I hear ya sista, I'm right there with you." But, instead I once again remained quiet.

We made way to the eye glass place to get Casie's glasses repaired and I walked in frustrated and the man that waited on us was so calm and pleasant. He made the repairs and even gave Casie a new case that was really girly. It made her day and as I walked out, I felt grateful and happy.

It's apparent that your actions will affect some one else. So, even when you are disappointed, hurt, sad, or let down - always be kind to other's and it will make a difference. I know that sounds corny, but when I got back in the car with my crazy, little family I smiled at each of them and the whole atmosphere changed. I am blessed and happy as those families in church, I just don't have a husband and my children don't have a father, but we are happy!

On the other end of the spectrum, Brent has his own demons to face. Not only is he facing a foreclosure, a divorce, Violation of Domestic Violence Charges, a felony charge that has something to deal with a stolen car, but now he can add shoplifting from a Wal-Mart on to his list. It's crazy! I can't believe this was the same man I married. This guy has gone off the deep end for drugs and hoes and I'm so thankful that my children and I are away from him. I hope for the ones that are reading this that are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol - this should serve as an example of what your future holds. No one can help you, it's gotta be you. For the love of yourself, your family and friends, don't take this road. There is help! Get it!

P.S. The magazine that I will be in went to print and will be on shelves August 30th. I will release the name at that time. Be sure to check it out all you locals (Louisville, Kentucky). For those of you that aren't, I will try to post the website.

Much love to all and God Bless each of you!

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