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Friday, August 24, 2012

Empty Threats From Brent .... Once Again

This is going to come across as repetitive, but sometimes I feel like a broken record myself. This morning my phone has been blowing up with "Blocked" callers. Literally, no fewer then 50 calls from 9am-1:30pm. My mom picked up, but didn't say anything - she just listened and there was Brent screaming "Speaker ... Speaker ... Speaker" then he hung up. He immediately called back, so this time we answered on speaker and once again, didn't say anything. He continued saying the same thing, when we didn't respond he said something about a lawyer and then hung up. We laughed it off and turned the ringers off, so we wouldn't be interrupted with anymore non-sense.

As I picked the younger children up from school, they were so excited to show me the content of their Friday folders. Marissa pulled a paper in the shape of a house out and said "Look Mommy, this is our family." I noticed there was 2 mothers, 1 father, 1 boy, and 2 girls, so I asked her to tell me all about it. She explained as she pointed out each figure, "This is you, this is Casie, this is me, this is Tommy, this is Granny, and this is Poppy." That very moment, I felt blessed that she is surrounded by so much love and happiness - and it proved it by her satisfaction of her work and confidence in the fact that she is accepting her life, despite not having her father in it.

However, the phone calls continued .... when I wouldn't answer, he started to call my mom. Brent left her a message that he needed to talk with her as soon as possible and needed her help with something. What's wrong with this cracker-jack? Doesn't he know that it is a direct violation of the Domestic Violence Order once again or does he even care? Is jail part of his comfort zone now days?

When we arrived home, my Dad told us that he answered his cell phone and it was Brent in a sheepish voice. He told him that I was getting sued over this blog. Seriously? I have nothing, what could anyone possibly get? I understand he wants to shut it down and thinks his threats scare me, but luckily his words are just jibberish to me. Don't I have a right to freedom of speech? And to an opinion? As I have stated before, this is my blog. Therefore, it is my opinion of what has taken place and my journey as a single woman trying to survive a traumatic experience that Brent placed on me and his children with his obsession for drugs, hoes, lies, and whatever else.

I know nothing about him, nor do I want to. I tried everything in my power to help him and stick by him. I was faithful and a good wife. But, my children's safety and well being takes precedence over his shenanigans. Therefore, I moved on. So, if I get sued - I will cross that bridge when I get there.

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