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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Communication From Brent's Girlfriend

It wasn't a call that was expected, but one night in early June the home phone rang. Since I live with my parents, I normally don't check the caller id because most of my phone calls come through on my cell phone. About 15 minutes later, Casie ran up to my room and said "Mommy, Granny needs you it's an emergency!" I jumped up and while in motion I asked "Is she OK? Did she fall?" In my mind I knew something was up, this NEVER happens. So, I turned to Casie grabbed her hand and said "I need you to be a big girl and stay up here. Keep the little ones occupied and I will be back up as soon as I can." It was late because I remember the children had all had their baths and dressed in their jammies. I ran downstairs where my mom sat, on the phone, and looked at me and whispered "It's the girlfriend!" My first instinct was to tell her to hang up, but then I ran for the voice recorder and picked up on the other end (not saying a word).

Apparently, when she called she introduced herself and asked to speak with me. My mom, bless her heart, went into defense mode and said "You can't talk to her, that's a violation of the EPO, what do you want?"

And there it was, spilled out before our eyes - this poor woman had been drug down the "Brent Path" just as I had been. She explained that they met in rehab and admitted to posting the comment that I had addressed on my blog. She was very friendly, but it was strange at the same time. Apparently, at the time they broke up and she needed someone to talk to that would understand. She played my mom voice mails that Brent's big, dumb friend had left her. They were so degrading and I was very relieved that a monster like that was no longer in my life. He was down right cruel to her. But, I knew she wasn't finished with Brent for the simple fact,I could see her defending him just as I did.

After the conversation ended, I couldn't believe what I heard. My first call was to my attorney explaining what just went down. Then, as the dust settled my mom and I started to think of questions that should have been asked.

I knew about her, in fact at that point, I knew more then I should have. But, deep down I always felt sorry for her. Brent is such a manipulative person, he could really play mind games if only given a chance. After hearing her voice, only confirmed my theory. It was weird, how do you even consider some one's feelings who is living in my house, sleeping with my husband, yes I filed for divorce, but that was still the facts.

I couldn't sleep that night, I thought about so much, but the one thing that circled in my head was when she explained that Brent and his big, dumb friend referred to me as "The Bitch" and they had her convinced that my blog was a load of shit. However, as she kept reading it, she started to see the signs and realized what I said was true. She saw it first hand.

The other thing is kind of stupid, but she said that Brent and, again, his big, dumb friend thought it was funny that they stole my parents Kroger fuel points. Once again, we felt sorry for them. They must have been hard up for cash and obviously needed them more then we did.

I have to leave to go pick up the kids, so I have to cut this one short .... but, the next morning the phone rang again. [Stay tuned.]

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