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Monday, January 14, 2013

End of Year Wrap Up

I finally received the checks from Brent. The only problem is, they were personal checks written on 12/13/2012. So, I'm anxious to see if they actually clear. It's hard to believe considering a crack head is sitting on that kind of money and not touch it.

My attorney and I came to an agreement and parted ways. As soon as those checks clear, I will pay her and move forward. Unfortunately, things aren't that simple ... since Brent won't comply with any orders, I have decided to move forward with another attorney.

The children were very ill - two tested positive for RSV and one with strep. When we went for the follow up visit, it was round two of antibiotics for Tommy and Marrissa due to their ears. The follow up appointment was scheduled for tomorrow, but the Pediatrician's office called and said they cannot see them until the insurance is cleared up. Brent still refuses to reinstate the children and at this point, I feel like I'm at a dead end. This will a good one for the new attorney. In the meantime, if the children get any worse, I will take them back to the hospital. Messed up, huh? Can we get a father of the year award for this piece of shit?!?!

Casie went for her first sleep over and had a blast. Me, on the other hand, woke up every hour expecting a call to come get her. But, she did it. I was happy for her, but it kind of tugged at my heart strings a bit. She's growing up so fast!

I'm still working and loving it. Funny story though, two Friday's ago, as well as last Tuesday I received some bogus emails claiming they were from Brent's girlfriend/escort. At one point, she claimed to be a prominent attorney - yet couldn't spell anything right. It was obvious it was from him. Then, another one followed up as his "friend". And claimed if I told anyone of the emails they would unleash all kinds of shit on me. Um, obviously, I could careless what his and his trash bag groupie's think of me - so let it happen! My friends and I laughed our asses off at these messages. The unfortunate things is, again, he went out of his way to find out my work email address. Simple solution - block the douche bags! In reality, I didn't even read all of them .... from what I did see, it was like a broken record - blah, blah, blah spitting the same shit! When is this clown going to get a freaking life?!?

Things are still tight with the schedule, so I apologize for not posting more often. However, I'm doing my best to keep you up to date. Stay tuned. Btw, thanks for the Facebook likes. Our hits to date are 22,798.

God Bless and Much Love!

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