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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Communications From "Them" Again

I'm sitting here thinking, I should be pissed, but instead I'm baffled by true ignorance. Where do I begin? The emails that I received last week supposedly from Brent's girlfriend/escort, honestly I still haven't read. However, what I did see was obvious that was the work of a crack head. And not just any crack head, him. It was later followed up with a bogus email from his "friend" ... I decided to copy and paste those. However, the one's that were sent to my work I blocked immediately. Therefore, I can't paste those. My thoughts are in red.

Sent January 9th
Hello CC, you know who this is. (Yes, Brent ... I know who you are referring to as this so called writer, but I will play along)
Let's start by letting you know Brent has no idea I am doing this. Wow, I did that in middle school. How old are you? Contact all the police you want, it's not third party contact. Already did, and yes Einstein, it is third party contact. He has begged all of us not to contact you. Really???
Just thought while I was down here in Louisville I would give you the opportunity to talk to each other like civil adults do especially when your children are involved. I don't want to talk to him or you ... that's why I deleted your sorry ass from Facebook - just sayin'.
I will not allow (sp?????) you to stir the chaos in his brain as we both know you like to. Glad you have that one figured out ... are you smoking crack with him? Because your judgement is a bit cloudy. Again, just sayin.
Tonight only I have dropped the shields on his phone Damn, what kind of phone has shields these days? Does Apple make that? so you may call and speak like an adult. To him? Um, let me think about that .. no thanks! Do not try to bully him I will not allow you to. Bully? Yeah, that's it. Move calmly and he will also I am quite sure. The only moving I'm doing is on from him! Besides, last time I saw him, he reminded me of that one song "Every day I'm shuff-a-ling!!" Because he moved slower then Christmas. Lol!
You may block your number and call him 502-###-#### There's a reason I haven't called, but don't bother sitting around waiting ... it's not happening.
Don't toy with me little girl. Little girl? If I remember correctly, you are the one 4 feet tall ... I'm 5"9.
This is between two adults BOTH wanting to put their lovely children first. Oh, are you mother of the year? Because I'm not sure I need to take advise from you.
Record it or do what ever. He did not ask me to do this so you will be blind siding him. If you were his true friend, which by the way I know this is Brent's work, then you shouldn't be contacting me.
He is asleep now, like usual with your and your children's' pictures by his side. What a freak!!!
This maybe your last chance to ever speak to him in person. You, not the children. Believe me, honey - I couldn't get that lucky.
You don't want to see what we, his closest friends, are going to let loose if you can't keep this private.If I cared what his "closest friends" thought of me, I might be bothered by that statement. But, since you are here defending a crack head, well, then ... blah, is all that registers. Lol!
This is not a threat. I don't do that kind of thing so don't take it that way. That's alright, no threat taken, I'm a classy girl and don't have time for trash bags as yourself.
You have one night, tonight, to do this. Oh shoot. Did I miss the deadline?
His shields are down so don't take advantage of him, I won't allow it any longer. Go you.
Thanks for your time sweetie !Yeah, thanks for wasting mine ... but it makes for good blog posts, so whatevs!
Hope you do the right thing for once CC!Do you know me?
[Today, starts round two in the never ending email game from his good buddy.]
Sent January 20, 2013
We almost have your final blog entry finished for you little girl. In my Beavis and Butt-head voice "You threatening me?"
You will have it shortly. Waiting .... clocks ticking. When?
From now on, you stop telling lies about him and we won't tell the truth about you.I blog, my life is pretty much an open book.
You are an idiot who believes her own lies.For those of you who thinks I'm lying, this is all a matter of public record. Inbox me and I will give you the case #.
I told you he documented everything yet you still continue.Remember that Ice Cube movie, Friday? "Write it down, take a picture ... I don't give a (explicit language - lol)"
You also owe him half the funds you generated from your blog of slander.Oh my gosh! This is hysterical. Um, no I don't. But, I get how crack heads would want to fight over $5 in order to fill that crack pipe. I guess every little bit helps feed the addiction, huh? Sad! Very sad!
You claimed yourself you would post all comments to your blog. Guess we will see.I've been waiting since you sent this email, and still nothing. I will post it though whenever you do ... that's when I get the most hits. Plus, it's spices it up a bit because you guys are just so stupid!
Good luck and hope you have a magical day. Ahhh, I love that saying. It reminds me of Disney. That's cute!
PS. We all saw your you tube video.  Did you mean "your"? You should really re-read your work if you are trying to be hard core. That was actually a school project. I didn't like it, but glad you spent your time googling my name. Lol! Why would you say that he looked bloated ?  I said bloated because I was getting graded on that assignment. I would have much rather of said "his face looked like someone took an air hose and shoved it up his ass and blew his head up" .. but that wasn't appropriate. You should take a look at yourself.  Personally, I try to avoid mirrors. lolYour face barely fit in the screen I know, right! and true blonds don't have to color their roots do they you liar !I've colored my hair so much, I don't even know what the natural color is anymore. You should know that since you apparently hang on my every move.
Alright, so whatever. I called the police - made another report and will do this every chance I get. Maybe some day, he will either quit or they will lock him up and throw away the key. But, as his Big Dummy friend always says "that's good humor".
On another note, I had an awesome weekend. My kids had friends over and I got to hang with some of my friends as well. Not to mention, got a lot of family time in and that's always a plus. Back to the grind with school and work, but there's a big announcement coming. So, stay tuned. (big smiles)
Much love and God Bless!

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