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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Competency Hearing, Really?!?

When I woke up yesterday, I could feel something wasn't right. At first, I felt it was the effects of a crazy weekend. However, as the day progressed ... I learned it was the beginning of an illness. One of the guys joked and kept calling me "lumpy" because of the huge bulges coming from my neck. We had new people arrive at the office and I was doing everything I could to tuff it out, until my boss approached me and told me to go home.

Both of my parents have cancer, therefore their immune system is low. Not to mention, my poor babies just recovered from their Christmas funk of illnesses. So, I took the best approach that I knew and headed for urgent care. I don't have insurance, but I knew whatever was approaching was coming quickly and powerful and I needed to be proactive.

It seemed like slow motion as the doctor said "You have the flu," he continued talking and all I was catching was bits and pieces of what followed "The antibiotic will help your infected glands", "drink plenty of fluids", and the best of all "It's going to run its course, you will feel like you've been hit by a freight train".

Oh hell no! You gotta be kidding. I don't have time to be sick, besides that what about all of the people I have been around?!? Luckily, it was the early stages and since I had the flu shot - it shouldn't be as bad. As the night went on, it got worse.

My voice, what's left of it, sounds horrible, my throat feels like I'm swallowing razor blades, the congestion is insane, and my body is just exhausted. But, being a single mom - you get no sick days. Therefore, I have to keep pushing. However, I'm incredibly grateful for the help from my mom. Obviously, I can't return to work, but I was able to focus on updating some paperwork, work on my homework for school, balance my checkbook, among other important duties that seem to get pushed to the side during a normal work week. Then for sweets and giggles, I clicked on the following link:, entered Jefferson County, followed by Brent's information - and there it was ..... three pending cases. The first was for the foreclosure on his home. And the other two were the charges for violating the Domestic Violence Order (DVO) for a competency hearing! A competency hearing?!? Or, should I say a strategy to get him out of these charges? I got an idea .... don't break the law and quit being such a scum bag, and life would run a lot smoother! Better yet, LEAVE ME ALONE! Again, this whole thing is comical! He will probably get out of it, I'm sure! He always does! But, I'm not backing down. They need to say "yeah, he's crazy ... now let's lock him up and throw away the key".

Like I've said before, everything I'm stating as facts can be proven in the Commonwealth of Kentucky (Jefferson County) - it's all a matter of public record. So, help yourself!

So, moving along from an obvious "ooops" his parents made, my big announcement was supposed to be announced sometime this week. However, thanks to the flu - I will make it when it actually happens. A big move with mixed emotions! Stay tuned ....

God Bless and Much Love

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