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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Phase

A million things going on around me and a faint noise makes its presence from inside my pocket. I reach in to pull my phone out and it's a number I don't recognize. Hesitantly, I answered. It was the Center for Women and Children following up in response to a police report filed last week. Her voice was friendly and kind. I explained to her that the harassment hasn't stopped from Brent. His phone call last night was strange and didn't make sense. Despite the numerous repeated calls, he got through to one. It went from explaining that we had a lot to talk about. Then, accusations that the blog is a lie. He even went as far to say "Congrats on the Annulment, now our children are bastard's." He must have been high on crack. I was angry and kept repeating "don't call me", "we have nothing to talk about", "we pay our attorney's to do the talking", along with a few choice inappropriate words. I know it's not productive to speak to him. But, when someone hangs up calls your phone, hangs up, call back, and continues this you get a little annoyed.

I contacted my phone service provider and was basically told that without an actual number, they are unable to block these calls. The only option I have is to change my phone number. People question me why I haven't did that. The answer is simple, I have a 5,4, and 3 year old that knows that number. Maybe it doesn't make sense, but to me it does.

The lady from the Center reminded me to keep my phone with me at all times. Brent is a very dangerous person and is out to get me. She encouraged me to continue to call the police when I feel is necessary and recommended to join one of their weekly sessions. She asked again, "is there anything else he said". I thought and finally continued, "He said that it was an old friend of mine that reached out to him. He calls from her phone and pushes *67, so I won't know her number. He's very far away from home now and kept saying he's clear as a bell!" I was side-tracked by another thought and changed the conversation , "The detective is going to contact me this evening and let me know the next steps in this process. We have a Jury Trial at the end of the month for the violations of the Domestic Violence Order that is already pending. It's been pushed back several times, so I wouldn't be surprised if it happens again."

She could tell I was distracted by something else and calmly went on with the conversation. I know everything he said was a lie. What kind of women would allow a man to use his phone that often to contact his ex-wife? Besides that, all of my friends hated him. I can't see any of them reaching out to him. Also, for someone to claim they are clear as a bell so many times, is trying to prove them self, therefore another lie. I don't care what he says. It used to bother me, but he's one of those people that likes to hear himself talk.

When I hung up the phone, I thought "Omg! Instead of filling this lady in with everything that happened, I cut her off to catch the latest Days of Our Lives commercial. Seriously, what is that?" I guess deep within, I felt it was pointless to keep repeating Brent's current events. He's wasting my time and life with his ignorant tactics. Obviously, it's more important to know that Kristen is returning to Days of Our Lives than the drama in my soap opera. Yes, I fear for my life with this bozo, but do I sit around and hide out??? Hell no! He doesn't win anymore. Of course, I will always be cautious and follow the "buddy rule", but that's it. Life goes on, and obviously so does my favorite soap opera. (smile)

I had more important things going on. The Girl Scout Meeting went great yesterday. Casie is so excited about events that are planned out. I was honest with her and told her what happened - everything! Then, I talked to her about her father. She was cool with the whole thing and appreciated the help of the Troop leader. She's a sweet little girl and I know she struggles, but she's going to be fine. That kid has a good head on her shoulders and knows right from wrong.

Today was picture day at the children's school. As we sat down for breakfast, I admired how cute each of them looked. These little guys are my world and I am blessed to have them. They giggled as my Dad told them he was taking "Granny" out on a date. After 50 years of marriage, these two are good role models for my babies. I am thankful to have my parents help guide me through the "parent-hood express". Don't get me wrong, they are quick to remind me that when the children are in trouble, it's karma knocking on my door. (laughing)

Here's a toast, to a new beginning of the next phase of healing! God Bless and Much Love!!

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