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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crazy Days

Today was crazy. Before I start to tell you about it, I'm proud to announce that our hits for this blog has went above 18k!!! That's sweet! Thanks so much for the continued support.

I woke up at 6am, even though the children didn't have school. After getting ready, I had to go switch vehicles with my brother and off I went to a job interview. Arriving an hour early, I was so nervous and so excited at the same time. It went very well and I should know something within a week. Please keep your fingers crossed, this is a fantastic opportunity and I'm hoping that I am offered the position. My dear friend helped me get my foot in the door and I want to let her know how much I appreciate her!!!

After the interview, I had to take Marissa to the doctor because she had a few mosquito bites, one of them actually grew to the size of my palm on her neck. It was scary and I just wanted to be safe then sorry. I had my three children and my niece with me. We sat and waited in the waiting room for over a half an hour, then was finally taken back and put into a room that was about as big as my arm. Normally, I'm very calm and able to keep things running smoothly during long waits. However, after an hour - I let the kids get rowdy without even trying to settle them down. It's safe to say that it worked, within a few minutes the doctor came in and we were out of the office very quickly. She said it was an allergic reaction and called in a steroid cream to put on it.

I finished my homework and off I go for along weekend. If nothing major develops, I will check back in Monday! Have a great weekend!! God Bless and Much Love!!!

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