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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Soldier Boy

Cory, aka Soldier Boy, ended up sending me an email. That continued for a few days and then turned into phone calls. We made plans to get together before he left for Iraq. There were several failed attempts because he’s from Florida, yet stationed in Virginia. But, somehow some way we were able to see each other. Since my brother lived in Florida, my parents made frequent trips back and forth.

My mom and dad took me to Downtown Disney to meet my soldier boy. It was the half way mark from where his mom lived and where my brother was. My parents were able to get a room on Disney property, so they did their thing and we did ours. We had dinner at the Rainforest CafĂ©, walked around Downtown Disney, and then went to a club. Of course, when I get nervous I tend to drink a little more then I should – guess that’s why they call it “liquid courage”. We had an amazing night and he still remained a gentleman. As he walked me in the resort, he stopped off to see if they had any availability. Unfortunately, they didn’t and since I was staying in my parent’s room, it wasn’t like I could offer that up. He kissed me and proceeded to tell me that he was actually in town to get all of his affairs in order, execute a will and spend time with his parents because in two days he would be in Germany. I hated to see him leave, but he told me to get inside – it was late and he didn’t want my parents to think he was a jerk.

My mom should be my diary – there isn’t much that I don’t tell her. So, it was perfect that she was there to talk to. I was so excited because the night was so perfect. But, I was scared and didn’t want him going off to a war. He ended up sleeping in his Jeep Wrangler in the parking lot until he was sober to drive back to his mom’s house. For the next six months, I would send him letters, care packages, and emails. And when ever he could, he would call from Iraq. It was hard to talk because of the delay; it seemed we would talk at the same time. But, regardless I was just happy to hear his voice.

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