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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And So It Begins ....

Relationships always seemed so routine from the beginning of time, or at least in my case. High School really started the madness; you meet the guy – he’s perfect, you fall in love, everything is great for a certain period of time, usually within a time range of a month, to a maximum of three years. The path you pave is great, until you hit that BIG bump in the road and you and your “love’s” path gets divided and you go your separate routes.

Now, the question is “what exactly is that bump”? And “how in the world did I end up here”? I suppose taking the psychological approach of who, actually, am I would be the best route.

I’m really just your average person – nothing very special or out of the ordinary. My parents were married eight years before they took the “children plunge”. My father was from a large family – he was in the United States Navy and when I hear stories of his past, I get the feeling he loved to party, drink, and get into fights. My mother on the other hand was from a small family with very strict parents. She was a hard worker, enjoyed having a good time, yet was the worrier and never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings – even if it was to sacrifice her own.

Anyway, after my parents had three children, two miscarriages, and a crazy road a long the way …. I finally arrived to the mix.

Janelle is my oldest sibling. She was the perfect child – polite, pretty, and never did anything she wasn’t supposed to. She fell in love at an early age, got married and thought it would last 4-ever, had three beautiful children – Preston, Katie, and Jackson, followed that up with a divorce. Met someone else, fell in love, got married, had another beautiful child, Ella. Decided to further her education and is currently working on her Master’s at University of Louisville. Besides the fact, she met her first husband there, which might I add was well known for being on the football team years ago, she hated that school and was embarrassed to think her diploma would have “bird shit” on it. Get it?!? UofL’s mascot is a Cardinal.

Next down the line is my brother, Kevin. He’s all about having a good time – he loves to drink, play cards, sing karaoke, and hang with his buddies. He’s more or less a big kid who loves his toys (Four Wheelers, Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, etc.). Growing up, we hated each other. We were always arguing! In fact, when I was 16, my car was in the garage and he was parked behind me. After several failed attempts of asking him to move his vehicle, I decided to take matters in my own hands. You got it – keys in ignition, gear in reverse, and BOOM! Not once, not twice, but yep! The third time was the charm - the hell with his swooped up street racer. That day was the moment when I realized there was a God! Kevin came running out the door and started punching my driver’s side window. It looked like flexi-glass or something. I have no other idea of what kept that glass from breaking because, if it would have – I would be dead. As far as his character, I always considered him a player. The dude changed girlfriends like people change underwear. In fact, I always thought he moved from Louisville to Florida because he needed a new flock of women. It was always the same – he would love them and leave them. However, with his residence in Florida and mine in Kentucky – we actually got along for once and ended up becoming good friends. After his time in Florida expired, he moved back home to Kentucky. Believe it or not, he settled down, fell in love and got married – to no other then to one of my best friends, Suzie. So, he for sure gets the two thumbs up for that one.

Next bundle of joy is Elizabeth. Since we were only three years apart, we spent a lot of time hanging out. Her story goes like this – she met Josh and what can I say – opposites attracted in that situation. They fell in love, had a beautiful child, Gretta, and eventually divorced.

Even though we are family, as you read you’ll see how our lives intertwined along the path. There were always ups and downs, but at the end of the day – we always had each other’s back, just as my parents always taught us.

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