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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Book Deal Details

We woke up this morning to a beautiful dust of snow, but that's it. I can't wait for one big ass snowfall. I know, I know! Call me crazy, but I've been wanting one all winter! My kids and I love it, we build snowmen, have snowball fights, and go sledding or as my northern friends call it - tobogganing, and then come in and have hot chocolate. Isn't funny how one word could have so many meanings? Like a toboggan to me is a winter hat. I don't know, to each's own I suppose. Either way, bring some snow and lots of it. (smile)

Casie went on her field trip yesterday and had a blast. They went to the Louisville Public Library and the Kentucky Derby Museum. And in case you're wondering, Brent didn't show up. 

Today, I have a meeting with my attorney. I love the woman, but she makes me nervous when she calls and says that I have to come to her office. That's usually not a good sign that Brent is pulling some type of drama. I still have his tools and Grandmother's silver. My Mom tried calling him several times to return it, per the court order, but he blocked her calls. Since I have an EPO against him and he lost his visitation rights, I haven't been able to make the exchange. Maybe I will take it to my attorney today and have her pass it along to his attorney. 

On my last post, I mentioned about a book deal and would like to share some more information in regards to that. My file has been passed to a Senior Publishing Services Consultant at a well known Publishing Company. I will be assigned a Project Coordinator, who will be my personal liaison during the production of my book, and then I will be assigned an Author Service Coordinator, who will be my point of contact during the promotion of the book. Additionally, an account will be created for me at our Author Resources website, where I can log-in to review production, promotion, or book merchandising materials.

Editing: The production manager will assign an editor to mechanically edit my book, making a check for consistency and accuracy of punctuation, spelling, and grammar. That's sweet because after I post on my blog, I get so embarrassed when I misspell a word, or forget a word, or whatever. (laughing)

Since consumption of books in a digital format is a rapidly growing book distribution market, they would make my book available to consumers in digital formats. Then, a press kit, featuring a synopsis of the book, an author biography, a copy of the publicity release that they will write for my book, and a high-resolution copy of my book's cover, will be disseminated to a review and publicity list of approximately three hundred media outlets such as local and selected national newspapers, local or specialized national magazines, local or specialized terrestrial radio and television stations, print newspapers, magazines, and trade journals.

Sounds glamorous so far for just your average everyday person, right?!? There's obviously a lot more details then that, but I just wanted to highlight a few. But, here's the killer - the publishing service fees generally average between $6,000-$10,000. Being a single mother of three, that's a lot of money to commit too, especially when you add private school tuition to the mix. I'm confused on what to do. If I come up with the money, not really sure how, and the book is a flop, I 'm screwed. Yet, if it turns out to be a success, that might the boost I need to get life back on track. What should I do? I guess I was never clear on what my book exactly is about, well ... if you read my blog this far, there you go. What are your thoughts? Please give the good, the bad, and the ugly ... your opinion matters! I need help with this grueling decision!

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