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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Let Me Bring You Up to Speed ... CRASH!!!

Funny! I started to think about my LinkedIn account and everything clicked. A few months back, I kept getting request from Brent's "BIG DUMMY" friend. Obviously, I ignored them. However, last week - my phone started going crazy and requesting everyone in the "people you may know category". At first, I didn't care, because it was legit. I put my phone down and forgot about it. When I came back a few minutes later, it showed that "BIG DUMMY" was one of those requested. (In case you forgot, Big Dummy is Brent's roadie.) Yikes!!! I didn't want that to happen. This guy is 100% comparable to Brent. That's obviously why they are BFFs. Anyway, you put two and two together and you realize why that friendship works - their world must be so boring to have to revolve around mine. Oh well. It's flattering in a way.

Anyway, since we are on the subject of said person - I actually reached out to his (Brent's friend, "BIG DUMMY") ex-wife to give my condolences for an unfortunate occurrence that took place. She was so sweet and it was nice to catch up with her. Now, I wish that I would have been friends with her vs. his big, tall lanky ass. But, whatever. He's out of my life, so no biggie.

I got a lot of different feedback after my last post. There was concerns from ones who fear for mine and my families safety. Ones who were shocked of how history repeated itself. There was encouragement to keep up what I'm doing. Ones who were angry that some one can get by with so much. There were ones who thought it was hysterical. And there was some who were disgusted with what they read.You mix all those emotions together and that's how I felt.

In a way, I thought maybe I put too much out there. But, I am committed to this blog and if I didn't share it, I wouldn't be being honest. I am saddened that our justice system allows this behavior to continue to keep happening. But, I'm even more saddened that our streets are filled with junkies like this. At one point, I felt that there would always be a tiny, minuet spot in my heart for him. But, that's been filled and voided. I don't want to say that I hate the dude, because hate is such a strong word. But, I strongly dislike him and hope that I never have to see him again. When asked about him, I seem to automatically give the same response "he's just a dumb ass". Maybe that's all I feel about him. I don't know. And, frankly, I don't even care.

My friends jumped my ass for even speaking to Kara. This was the first email I received from her in a long time. We don't talk on a regular basis, or anything. And probably will never speak again. But, I do feel sorry for her. I can relate, I can understand, but that's about it. We had too much shared ground in common and there's no reason for us to be "friends", so to speak. So, that's the extent to that.When it comes to friends, God broke the mode when it came to mine. I'm truly blessed when it comes to that department.

However, on Thanksgiving morning I received one final email from her. It was simply a copy of the Emergency Protective Order she filed in the state of Illinois against Brent. A court hearing will be held there on the 11th.

Last week was a hearing for the Domestic Violence Order violation that I took out here in Kentucky. Guess what?? Pushed again to next month. Honestly, I knew it would happen. Or should I say I wasn't surprised. This is the same road I've traveled in this case. However, today was the day for the family court business in regards to holding him in contempt for not (1) paying maintenance (he's three months behind); (2) returning my personal items within 15 days of the previous order; (3) paying the purge amount of $8,115.50 by October 17. My aunt and uncle were going to meet me there to offer their support.

My co-workers and I have formed a bond and they knew about today, so they were very supportive. So, it was easy for me to share my anxiety about what the trial would hold. When the time folded out, I arrived in the parking garage in plenty of time. To my surprise, when I rounded the second floor there before me was Brent and "Big Dummy". I could tell you the million things that started racing through my head, but all of that was shot to hell when I freakin crashed my vehicle. Yes, you read that right ... I crashed! I was on the phone with my mom who heard the whole thing go down and started telling me to stop the vehicle. I explained, "I can't mom - these two nuts are right here and I fear for my life with both of them!!!" I knew my tire was flat at that point, so I hurried along to the next floor. This all was happening so fast. My mom then said "Hang up and I'll call your aunt.". I was so upset and embarrassed at that point, I begged "No, please just stay on the phone with me!" I rounded the next turn and it was, no joke, like a shining light shining on my aunt and uncle two cars up. To express my gratitude to them for all they have did, there just wouldn't be enough minutes in a day. They jumped in my car for me to go park, calmed me down, and off to court we headed.

As the elevator quickly made it's arrival to the sixth floor of the Family Court building, there sat Brent and his "buddy". It wasn't long until the attorney's arrived and the sheriff was calling our name. After we were sworn in, Brent's attorney explained that the original attorney was out sick and that he wasn't familiar with the case and asked for it to be pushed back. My testimony was heard and the judge ruled for the continuance to take place Thursday at 8am.

After that, my uncle changed the tire for me and off I headed to my attorney's office. When I arrived, she had already received an email from Brent's attorney saying that I could retrieve my items this evening. I was like "Um, no! That guy can't tell the truth to save his life - I don't believe he has it. Let's call his bluff and have him bring it to the trial Thursday in front of the judge." ... she agreed.

Riding on a spare sucks.  It was a time that I used to collect my thoughts. Sure, I was totally embarrassed, but I couldn't escape the obvious - Brent's demeanor. There's no other way to describe it then, he looked like someone took an air hose, shoved it right up his ass, and blew his head up. To say "bloating" would be the understatement of the year. In addition to that, every hair on that guy's body had turned to white. This 45 year old man was now starting to resemble the look of an 80 year old. He still had that creepy way about him. As for someone who always brings it to my attention that I'm fat - he doesn't have a leg to stand on anymore. He's not fat, but he's not healthy. The drugs have reached a new high on this man. And if his "friend" doesn't realize it, then he's not as smart as he thinks he is. The old saying comes to mind, "people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" ... or some shit like that. But, eventually I made my way back to work.

I shared my story with my co-workers and of course, they laughed their ass off at my dumb ass. I was like "Yep - now I can be fat and can't drive!" Hey, it made for interesting topics to say the least. It wasn't long before my attorney called and explained that Brent's team has made an "offer" that he would pay me half of the money to delay the sentencing. I interrupted with "HELL NO". He made his bed, now he has to lay in it. I'm finished bailing his sorry ass out. This is not about me - it's about our children! And they deserve every penny of it. If they don't get it, his crack pipe will! However, the judge was very stern and assured him that he would be taken into custody immediately. Now, we sit and wait .... until Thursday!

Maybe this is what the dude needs, because at this point there's not many options left for him. I will try to be the better person and hope for the best. But, at this point I've been through so much - I'm not sure what to think.

If you are reading this and are currently using drugs, go back to the beginning and re-read this downward spiral that this man has taken and how it has affected so many. Rethink it and live life - don't be a schmuck to let someone dictate it for you.

There's a lot more ground to cover, but I'm going to have to share that at the next post. In the meantime, thank you for supporting my blog - we are now getting closer to 21,000 hits. God Bless and Much Love!

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