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Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Madness

As March Madness is in full swing, people start to get a little more mouthy about teams. Sometimes that calls for good rivarly, as long as its in good taste. I don't know what it is about basketball, but from my stand point the state of Kentucky has some awesome fans. Now, granite, I am not a huge sport fanatic, but for as long as I can remember the University of Kentucky has always been a huge part of my life. My father is a season ticket holder and when it's game time all focus is on that. God forbid some one talk. I can still hear my poor mother trying to hold four kids down, which usually was a ton more because we always had friends over and she would say "Hold all questions and comments until commercial." Of course when we didn't listen, the next comment wasn't usually so sweet. (laughing) With that being said, I was happy to cheer on my Kentucky Wildcats at today's game. John Calipari, the head coach is so hot! UK is ranked #1 and they played #22 Florida with a win 74-71.

Another one of our teams is the University of Louisville, in which they are playing Cincinnati right now as I type this - and winning, I might add! I love how the mascot is a Cardinal and it has teeth! Awesome! I guess I'm one of the very few, rare individuals in this town that cheers for both teams. The only time I don't is when they play each other (in that case I'm for the C-A-T-S). So, no offense to the other teams out there, but this girl is cheering on my two teams.

This has been a good weekend. My brother and his wife came over last night and we played cards. Today was kind of a relaxer day. The weather was beautiful, so the kids played outside most of the day. I was checking out Pinterest and came across a donut recipe and instantly thought of a fond childhood memory and wanted to experience it with my kids. As a child, every now and then, my parents and all the kids would make home made donuts. I remember it always being so fun. However, my kids didn't share the same opinion. Marissa pushed her chair up to the sink and played in the water the whole time. Casie was dumping a ton of sugar in the cinnamon mix. And when Tommy wasn't climbing up the counter, he was running wild through the kitchen. I stepped out on the front porch for something and was then locked out. Note to self, no more sugar for these kids! I didn't freak out, instead I sat down and enjoyed the silence and this beautiful weather. That moment was short lived. (laughing)

Rumor around town is that Brent has a few charges pending against him. I can't confirm or deny this at this time, but I have to admit when I hear these things I feel a sigh of relief of being away from him. So, as it stands right now our final divorce trial is in May. I ended up signing the Quit Claim Deed because I was court ordered too. But, considering the house is in foreclosure from failure to pay since May 2011 I'm not too worried about it. The "Gamblin' Granny" (aka Brent's Mom) sent Casie a birthday present, so I had her call to thank her. It was weird. They don't know each other, so it was hard to hold a conversation. After a few seconds she asked if she could talk to me. Casie responded "No, she doesn't really want to talk but here's my Granny." She was right, I didn't want to talk, but it should have been handled more appropriately. But, I let it slide. My Mom talked to her about typical things and actually found out that my father-in-law was color blind. That might be the reason that Tommy isn't grasping his colors. Anyway, there was no mentioning of Brent and the conversation didn't last very long. So, I felt that since Brent's brothers' reached out in the past that I would let them know about the charges I've been hearing about. So, I sent a text page. Guess what? Neither responded. It's no big deal really. Like I've said a million times: (1) Blood is thicker then water. (2) I never knew them before and I really don't want to know them now. I just thought if I was in their shoes, I would want to know. Even though Brent is a monster, I still care about him. It's in my best interest to stop communicating at all with that family though. The divorce will be final in May. And besides Brent - my children don't even know the rest of them. I will keep in contact with my step-daughter, hopefully forever, and even though my children don't get to see their other siblings - they know them and love them!

Good luck to all the teams in the tournament and may the best one win!

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